Video Log

“Video Log November 15th, 2016” I said outloud as I recorded today’s log. “Everyone is completely unaware”, I continued speaking, “it has been 20 days since my transformation, and no one seems to miss the old me. And they have accepted me as a their new friend Kim. Yesterday a couple of guys invited me drinks, and another one asked me out. I guess it was to be expected, after all I turned out quite cute. I wasn’t ready, so I rejected that guy’s invitation”.

I started to think about how interesting it would be to go out on a date as a woman, “But today, I think, I will finally accept to go out with a hot guy. I still feel like a man, but there is no way back, I must accept my current condition” I said.

“Hey Kim, what are you doing?” a friend asked. I looked around, “nothing” I giggled. “End of Log” I said and turned off my phone. “James over there wants to ask you out” my friend said. I looked at him, he was kind of hot. I took a deep breath, and confidently walked towards him, hoping for him to ask me out. I don’t know where dating a guy would take me, but after looking at him, I was giving serious thought about having sex as a woman.


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