Satisfying bet


Toby tried to ignore the moaning, he was so close-

“NNNGGHHHHHH!!!” The girl’s whole body spasmed, including her tongue, giving Toby the final push over the edge.

“GGRGGNNGG!” He grunted and pulled back, firing his load onto the girl’s face and tits, pumping out ever last drop her could on to her.

Then he paused and took a step back, the only sound each of their heavy breathing. He looked at her and she looked back at him. Her hands were still moving, slowly touching herself. She looked a little nervous, then cracked a smile.

“Did you cum while you were sucking my cock?” Toby asked incredulously.

She laughed, “What, just because you won the bet and got to turn me into the spell book to turn me into a girl means I’m not supposed to enjoy myself?”

“Yeah, but… how could you get off while there was a dick in your throat? Isn’t that sort of… gay?”

“Oh, a gay comment from the guy who turned his best friend into a girl and had her blow him. Honestly, who the hell even cares anymore about that?”

“Well at least you’re not mad you lost the bet.” Toby said.

She seemed to think for a minute, “Yeah, really couldn’t be less mad. You think if I bend over this couch you can get hard again and see if you can convince me to stay like this longer?”

Toby felt his cock twitch. He smiled, “Oh yes.”


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