Genie Series. Part 27. @Penny

After reading Penny’s wish, Genie read it again just to be sure,”Hi Genie. I’m Penny. Please make my body be as my mind pictures it: A blonde sexy trophy wife-to-be of an older man :3″. After thinking about it for a couple of minutes Genie said “I think this is the only way I will make this work. Wish granted”.

Penny was having dinner, when he heard dripping water from his kitchen. He stood up to check it. The water looked a little pink in color, but he didn’t pay much attention to that. He tried everything to stop the running water, but everytime he tried to turn the faucet handle, he just made it worse. In no time the water was dripping off the sink into the floor.

The kitchen started to flood. It was like if it was encased in glass. The water didn’t drip outside of the kitchen at all. In a matter of seconds, the room was full of water. Penny tried holding his breath, but finally he gave in, and the water entered his lungs. He thought that would be the end of him. He closed his eyes.

As he did, he felt the water reside. “I must be dead” he thought. He started shaking. Without realizing it, it was him who was actually moving up and down. He then felt somebody grab his hands. He finally got the strength to open his eyes when he felt something on his chest. It was plain and simple, he had breasts, and a pussy. And not only that, he was being fucked. He took a quick glance back, and through his blonde hair, he saw an older man. The whole thing made him cum sooner. And as soon as he did, he started seeing himself as a she.

She realized she was in a hotel room, with her husband. She was her trophy wife. She was so happy, he wish was granted. Right after sex, she started to feel dizzy, she didn’t know what was happening. But it was the last part of her transformation, something to help her coupe with her new life. She was getting dumber by the minute, she was turning into a blonde bimbo. She giggled after her mind was ready.


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