Dinner date

“What?” said Brandy with annoyance. She didn’t like the strange way Mark was looking at her.

“It’s nothing. Just…. well, you make one attractive woman,” said Mark with a smile.

“What else would I be? An attractive man! ” said Brandy, confused by Mark’s odd compliment.

Mark’s smile grew wider. It was hard to suppress his laughter. He had convinced his friend Brandon to use the medallion of Zulo to become a copy of his ex-girlfriend Brandy, promising him a nice meal at a fancy restaurant in return. What he failed to mention to Brandon was that the longer you wore the medallion, the more you became like the person you were imitating. As Brandon continued to wear the necklace on their date, he never noticed the subtle changes in his personality as he gradually adopted the behavior and mannerisms of Brandy. And it looked like the process was now complete. Brandon had lost all memory of being a man.

“Hey, let’s get out of here. I’m not really hungry. Well, at least not for food, ” said Brandy, seductively rubbing Mark’s inner thigh.

“Check please!” said Mark with excitement.


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