Genie Series #59. @SexyCaps

Cammy was testing her new abilities. All she had to do is bite her lips and any man would do exactly what she wanted. This time she was taking it to far, she was asking the man to rob a bank. He was a successfull business man, but he didn’t even hesitate, he immidiately walked into the closest bank and robbed it.

“Hello genie, my name is Camden and I wish that I was a sexy warn who could make a man do anything I wanted him to”. Genie knew Camden will be getting a lot of power with his wish, but she nonetheless granted his wish. “Wish granted” she said.

Camden was on a cab, and on his way to a friend’s house, when he got bit by some kind of mosquito. He splatted it, revealing some kind of pink goo. The changes were immidiate, his hair grew longer, his lips fuller, his chest exploded intro breasts, his equipment retracted into a pussy. And the rest of his body followed suit. The taxi driver saw everything, he pushed the brakes. But Camden smiled at him, knowing exactly what had happened. “This will be our little secret” he side while bitting his lips. The driver had a blank stare for a couple of seconds, and then replied, “don’t worry ma’am. Your secret is safe with me”.

When they finally made it to their destination, the driver said “It’ll be $ 15.20”. Cammy, now assuming her new female persona, bit her lips again, “I think you will love to consider this a free drive” she said. And the driver said, “Of course”. She got of the cab, free of charge.

Of course the first few weeks she spent her time having sex with all kinds of random men. No one was powerfull enough to resist her charms. But she had to test the extend of her power, so she tried asking a business man to rob a bank. Of course he was captured, and sentenced to 5 years in prison. She knew that would happen, but she didn’t expect to get the money at all; with her abilities she had no need for money.


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