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Before he runs away

After being turned into a sexy blonde, Andrew tried to run away. It was pointless, since the mind conditioning had worked wonders too. “Walk sexy” Tom instructed him. Although Andrew was still trying to get away, he changed his pace to a sexy walk. “Stop, turn around and wave hello” Tom said. Andrew had no choice, but to stop, turn around, and wave sexily. He hated the whole thing. “Don’t forget to smile” Tom told him and he smiled back at him. “Your name is, and has always been Adrianne” Tom said. Read more

Genie Series #59. @SexyCaps

Cammy was testing her new abilities. All she had to do is bite her lips and any man would do exactly what she wanted. This time she was taking it to far, she was asking the man to rob a bank. He was a successfull business man, but he didn’t even hesitate, he immidiately walked into the closest bank and robbed it. Read more

He Wouldn’t

I woke up, feeling perhaps a little grogginess than I was expecting to. I had just spent the night as a woman, thanks to the remote that David had bought this week. Read more

Get a Kick 2

I walked through the house looking for my mom, trying to suppress the feminine sway that came with this body and this ass. This effort only aided in making my movements stiff and making me jiggle more than I already did. Still, I was able to manage until I nearly fell on my face, a pair of heels suddenly appearing on my feet.
“Damn it mom…” I said under my breath as I stopped to step out of the heels. Once they were off I took a step and nearly fell over once again, the shoes having reappeared on my feet. Obviously my mom’s got the real-time monitor on Adobe Change and she’s actively editing me, so when she saw I took the heels off she put them back on me with just one click. I let out an annoyed ‘Grrr’ and continued to find her, heels be damned. To my further anger, I found it next to impossible to avoid swaying my hips and ass while wearing these heels. Read more

Get a Kick 3

“Oh what to do, what to do…” My mother mused as I stood frozen, forced into some ‘sexy pose’. “This program has so many options… but I suppose there’s no rush. Maybe I’ll just leave you like that for a while, hm? A living statue?”
“Come on, mom. I don’t want to do this.”
“You’re right, that’s boring. Let’s see how far this obedience option can go. You don’t like being a woman much do you?”
“Definitely not.”
“I can tell” She said smiling. “but you make such a sexy one. Let’s see you move what your mamma gave you *giggle*. Shake those melons around, son.” Read more