Slithering change

Months after that abominable alien thing took over my body it finally decided to leave me.

It had used me to procreate, to create more of its kindred, finding suitable mates and victims. All this using my memories to blend seamlessly into human society.
I had been a passenger in my own body, hearing and feeling everything that happened around me.
Scores of men had used my body to sate their own lusts. Something I had hated every second that passed.

My body hasn´t always been a walking wet dream, specifically my own walking wet dream. As soon as the alien worm had invaded my body it needed to remold it and it did it by transforming my male body into the female form I lusted after the most.
She was curvy and oozed of sexual appeal, and I had become her.

The first week had been an awkward display of a sexy woman making a fool out of herself, but the alien used my thoughts and insight to improve its act, as well scouring the web and watching television . Soon it behaved impeccably like a woman.

But now I was of no use to it. I was spent. And thus it left me, much to my relief and joy.
Tears of happiness let my eyes as I finally could move my arms and legs again.
A thirst for revenge began to bubble up inside of me. I would expose it and its kin to the goverment and to the world. They would become hunted down and caught. Countless painful experiments would wrack their slithering bodies.
They would….
Who they?
Fuck. Why does it feels like I`ve forgot something important.

And why the hell do I look like a woman?!


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