Genie Series #58. @bdanks

“Shapeshifters are so much fun” Genie said after reading Brian’s wish. “Hello genie, my name is Brian. My wish is to be able to shapeshift into a different female persona whenever I feel like it. Thank you so much”. Genie liked to grant wishes in a different way everytime, and she had something special planned for Brian too. “Wish granted” Genie said and faded away.

Brian had waited three long days for his wish to get granted, and he was losing hope. He was walking out of his old highschool and stopped for a minute or two, remembering how his life was back then. An old woman stopped right besides him, “Sometimes I hope to go back there” the woman said. Brian didn’t know her, but he said “yes, me too”. Unbeknown to Brian, the woman had recently made a wish too. She wanted to travel back in time, become younger and go back to highschool. They started feeling a cold breeze cover them both. They both got covered in some kind of magic bubble. They couldn’t move, they could see the rest of the world rewinding.

In a matter of minutes they had travel a few years back in time. “It worked” the woman said. Brian looked at her, and she looked about 16 years old. “Wait, it affected you too?” the girl asked. Brian was 16 years old too. “Well, at least i’ll have a new friend” she said. “I am Amy” the girl introduced herself, “Brian” he said as they both awkwardly shaked hands. Up until that moment he hadn’t realized he was wearing a backpack. As the bell rang, they both rushed inside. They had the same classes, everyone acted like they knew them both. But this just made Brian sad, how come he was in somebody else’s wish, and he didn’t get his wish fullfilled.

At the end of the day, he walked Amy to the ladies locker room. But just then, and right infront of Amy, Brian felt the cold breeze again. He knew something had changed. “Wait” Brian said as Amy was about to enter the room. He concentrated, and shapeshifted into a copy of Amy. “Wow! you can shapeshift?” Amy asked, “why didn’t you tell me?”. Brian was a little distracted with his transformation, “Well, I couldn’t, until just now” he said, hearing his words with Amy’s voice. “If my wish affected you, do you think yours affected me?” Amy said and concentrated. In no time, she transformed into an exact copy of Brian.

They were happy they got their wish, plus one free wish. “Ok, for the rest of the day we should pretend to be each other” Amy said, and Brian agreed. While still being in Amy’s body, he walked inside the girl’s locker room, and started taking her blouse off, revealing her new perfect breasts. Amy, watched from outside the room, and smiled.

In the next few days, they would experiment, transforming into different people. Somehow Amy could only transform back into herself or into men, and Brian could only transform into his formerself or into women. They became more than friends. For the time being they have remained a couple, although Brian spends more time as a woman, than Amy. One day things might change, Brian might move away and get to use his power to further experiment. But that will be up to him… her.


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