You don`t must explain your secret desire

I don`t know , where this strange fairy came from. But she know my secret desire to be a sexy girl. She used a spell to change me into this hottie.

I was scared and happy at the same moment. “How could I explain this my parents?” I asked her.

“That is no problem” she answered. At this moment my parents stand in front of me. The fairy spoke a few words and my parents fused with my ass and transform into soft meat. I noticed, that my butt grows bigger and bigger. I hearded my parents scream. Then suddenly I noticed the silence. M my parents don`t exist any more. They are a part of my new body. My daddy was new my left buttcheek and my mother my right cheek.

“What did you do? Change them back.” I screamed in horror..

“There is no way, they are forever a part of your new body. But, you should be lucky. You are a woman and you don`t must explain your parents your secret desire. So, enjoy your new life.” After that the fairy disappearred.

It is so strange. I love my new body, but sometimes I miss my parents. But I can feel, that they are still with me. I stroked my left cheek, which was my father before. I think, he would like, what he becomes. I have often see, how he looked at moms butt. Now he is a part of the butt from his ex son…..


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