From Jordan to Andrea

Clarissa looked down at me sucking her, well, now his, dick. His hands were behind my head forcing me to suck it and it was turning me on. These Damn hormones were making me want this cock in my mouth! I was a man 5 minutes ago, a man that was about to get a blow job from my girlfriend. I was talking dirty and I called my her a “cocksucking slut”. Apparently she didn’t take too kindly to me saying that. Next thing I knew she was saying a few words in a strange language and I was shrinking. I used to be 6’1″ but now I remembered from my last doctors visit that I was only 5’1″. I also somehow remembered that my bra size was a 32 A. I couldn’t remember anything I had learned in school, I could only remember being a freshman who had a crush on this senior named Clarence and now I was finally around him and all he wanted me to do was suck his dick. That was OK though, I love it. I remembered my name used to be Jordan but now I knew it was Andrea.
This whole thing sucks. I’m a girl, I can still remember my past life but I also remember this one. I also kind of want to suck his cook now.
Suddenly the old Clarissa, now Clarence, spoke up “Honey your so much better as a girl. I never really liked that dick on you. I think it suits me much better, don’t you? I think you’ll be doing the sucking from now on. I also think you and your tight little pussy will be the one on the end of this big dick from here on out too, okay Andrea?”

I popped my little plump lips off my new boyfriends dick and said “anything for you Clarence, now please put your dick in my pussy instead. I’m like, soooooo wet down there!”


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