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The Body Change App

My phone turned blue when i pressed transform. My girlfriend started to grunt, her voice becoming deeper, she began to grow, becoming at least a foot taller than she had been. Her legs gained more muscle along with the rest of her body. Hair showed up in places it had never been before. Her breasts began to reduce, muscle forming creating a toned muscular chest. Her hair darkened and shortened and her face changed. The last thing to go was her vagina. I could tell she knew it was coming. After one final grunt, she was a he.
He stared into the mirror at his new body. “Damn, thats what I’m talkin’ about” he pulled down his new boxers and whipped out his dick. 8 inches and girthy. Turning to me he said. “Can I see that app?”
He clicked away on the phone. When he was done he pointed to me. “Every guy should have a sexy girlfriend.”
I began to shrink, it was like electricity running through my body I began to grunt as the changes took place. I was losing height fast, i could feel my hair getting longer and my face changing faster than his did. My grunts became moans as my voice changed. My ass balooned out as my stomach became flat. My chest ballooned out becoming low C cups. My toes became pink along with my perfectly manicured hands. My stomach began to tingle as I felt changes, ovaries formed and my penis began to melt away. My clothes changed too. My shirt becoming a white lingerie bra and my boxers becoming matching panties.
“Wow, im fucking gorgeous” I said looking at my new body in the mirror and looking at my boyfriends cock.
I laid down on the bed where he followed me. After getting used to the sensations I had, I stripped naked and began caressing his dick, wanting it to fill me and make me a true woman.

A Little More Than We Wanted

Its become a tradition in our house on Friday evenings. After the long week of work, we both get tired. To try something different, I swap our genders and make him different every time. Last week he was a 35 year old milf and I was a 20 year old dude. The week before that we were college kids, horny and ready to go. This week just before the change he told me how his job made him go to the local high school and recruit kids for a summer internship. It made me think of the perfect personality for him or rather soon to be her. I began my transformation, not wanting to wait.
His body shrunk down to about 5’4 I grew to around 5’11. As usual her hair grew out first shaping itself into a ponytail, followed by her figure slimming out, her ass expanded, her waist shrunk. Her face changed and was covered with makeup. Her chest grew out, this time small C cups, average. Her pussy grew in next as the clothes that had fallen off the man she used to be began to transform. Short jean shorts made their way up her legs after her black and pink panties took their place. A pink victorias secret P.I.N.K bra clipped itself on her chest. Following the bra came a loose fitting shirt from the same place with the poodle on her chest. Then I could tell her mind changed, she could always remember being a man but would talk, act, walk, and be as if she was a girl her whole life.
My change came during hers. My boobs dropped to nothing as my flat chest gained slight muscle. I turned into a toned skinny 17 year old boy. My hair shortened but was still slightly long, my ass shrank to become flat, my vagina became a penis, I could feel it growing to at least 8 inches, it was already hard from looking at Amy. My mind was changing, instead of seeing her as my husband I still knew she was my husband but her name was amy and I also knew her from school. I couldn’t wait to tell my friends that I fucked Amy Peters.
“You ready Amy?” I asked
Her voice was now high pitched. “Yeah but lets make sure to do it before my parents get home.” I obliged taking off my clothes as she too hers off. I pushed her to the bed and started making out with her. My dick got even harder as she rolled over and began to suck my dick, I made sure to let her do this as it’s one of my favorite things to recieve when I’m a man. Just before I cummed I got behind her, grabbed her ponytail and fucked her from behind. She moaned as my cock filled her pussy, my husband was now the high school slut and I was fucking her. She let out a huge gasp and I let out a few grunts as our orgasms synced. I tried to pull out but I filled her up with cum. We fell asleep and stayed teenagers for the whole weekend. On sunday night when we tried to switch back we couldn’t. There was only one explanation, I had gotten her pregnant. The only thing to do was to enroll in school and become parents.

Forgetting Everything

At first I was fine. I had accidentally turned myself into a girl with this app. I didn’t really think anything of it. It saod create your dream girl. I made sure she was super sexy, loved guys, loved oral, wasn’t very smart, had a killer body, and was way younger than me (18). I hit create on the app and next thing I knew I was her. My name was Bella. I was starting to have trouble remembering everything. I coyld remember having worked at an office building and having graduated college but now I could ibly remember going to my Moms office on the weekends sometimes and I hadn’t even graduated college yet. I used to love classic rock and a little bit of 90’s rap but now I could only think of Drake and how cute he was. 21 pilots and One D were my favorite brands though. I had a girlfriend but my thoughts were becoming replaced by my boyfriend Steven who I had met at the lake at a party last year (I sucked his dick the first night I knew him). I knew I could drive but now I never lifted a finger all the guys drove me around so what was the point of like, driving myself when I had lines of guys to do it for me. I remembered that my 7th period teacher Mr. Johnson only passed me because he knew that I would suck him off for a grade, I remembered that I was failing right now too and it was probably time to pay him a visit. My memory was gone and in its place memories of Bella replaced them. I forgot everything but now I am my dream girl.

Loving the Change

Thirty minutes ago, my girlfriend and I swapped bodies with a magic remote we found in a novelty store. As I shrunk to her size and she grew to mine, I started feeling some of the feelings she did. I know she started feeling some of mine because I could see her boner clearly through the basketball shorts she was wearing. After ten minutes I couldn’t take it any longer my girlfriend couldnt either. Without saying a word, I turned around, took off my bra, shorts and my panties got on my knees and sucked my new boyfriend’s penis for the first time. I loved it, after I knew he was ready I guided his hand to my pussy. He got really aggressive and turned me around to fuck me from behind. I didn’t care though, I loved it being his girlfriend and he loved me being his former self.

Rewriting Your History

“Now that I’m a man; now that I hold the power, I can make any thing happen. So I’m going to turn you into what you always wanted me to be.”
His screams led to nothing as I began saying what he would become. My words becoming commandments, anything I said he would become, anything I said would become reality.
I started with the small changes, your skin is now pale” his skin changed from a dark tanned color to a pale white color. “Your name is now Brittney” he protested my latest command, “but I’m not a girl”
“Yes you are” I said
Suddenly, his whole body shrank, he became smaller, more petite. I noticed his ass inflate first gaining the round plumpness of a woman. His hair burst out of his head as he moaned in pleasure, his voice getting higher and higher all the while. His waist snapped into place gaining a sexy curve. His arms and legs slimmed down as his feet and hands gained pink nail polish. Now the big changes would come. “Your boobs are C cups” his chest began to inflate, his clothes had now fallen off and I could see his nipples grow larger. His boobs grew to my liking, “finish the change” i said. Her new vagina was made, her pretty new made up face smiled with pleasure as her new pussy formed.
“I still remember my old self you bitch!” She screamed in her cute voice.
All I could do was laugh and say,”No bitch, I dont think so” I fired back, “last I checked I have the dick here and your the bitch, get on your knees slut” she then got on her knees, looking up at me.
I decided what I would do, “My dick is two inches larger” I felt my penis grow in my jeans.
Brittney was so cute she was on her knees and quiet finally succumbing to my power. I had a few more tweaks to make.
I had to rewrite her story.
“Brittney, you’re 19 and a freshmen in college, your some girl I picked up at a frat party. I took you home because you were flirting with me all night and I got you so drunk you agreed to come home with me. You told me you wanted my dick and now your going ro take it. You love sucking dick and pleasing the boys on campus. Tonight you will be my slut and from now on you are a sorority girl.”
Without a word, she looked me in the eyes and wralled her lips around my newly enlarged penis. She sucked it like she had done it her whole life, after all she was the slut of the school. Oh it’s so good to be the one in charge.

I’m Loving Your Body

Honey, I am really loving your body. Ever since I’ve been in it I’ve been the center of attention. I never thought I’d say this but i love the way boys look at me. They look like they really want me. I can’t thank you enough for making me swap bodies with you. I love your sexy little body even more from over here, and by the way i know you’ve been fucking girls in my body so im about to get fucked in yours. Have fun with the sluts because I’m really excited about sucking my first cock and getting fucked in your body. I’m like uber excited honey. Bye Read more

What did they do

“Oh my God Bryan what did they do to you!”
“Excuse me but my name is not Bryan anymore, it’s Bryanna! I’m not your friend anymore either, I’m a girl you want to impress!”
Sgt. Thompson was amazed, could the enemy really do this to our guys, if so, we’d end up with an army of cocksucking whores.
“Do you want me Thompson? Cause I have seen you in the shower before and I would love to see that big cock up close!”

From Jordan to Andrea

Clarissa looked down at me sucking her, well, now his, dick. His hands were behind my head forcing me to suck it and it was turning me on. These Damn hormones were making me want this cock in my mouth! I was a man 5 minutes ago, a man that was about to get a blow job from my girlfriend. I was talking dirty and I called my her a “cocksucking slut”. Apparently she didn’t take too kindly to me saying that. Next thing I knew she was saying a few words in a strange language and I was shrinking. I used to be 6’1″ but now I remembered from my last doctors visit that I was only 5’1″. I also somehow remembered that my bra size was a 32 A. I couldn’t remember anything I had learned in school, I could only remember being a freshman who had a crush on this senior named Clarence and now I was finally around him and all he wanted me to do was suck his dick. That was OK though, I love it. I remembered my name used to be Jordan but now I knew it was Andrea.
This whole thing sucks. I’m a girl, I can still remember my past life but I also remember this one. I also kind of want to suck his cook now.
Suddenly the old Clarissa, now Clarence, spoke up “Honey your so much better as a girl. I never really liked that dick on you. I think it suits me much better, don’t you? I think you’ll be doing the sucking from now on. I also think you and your tight little pussy will be the one on the end of this big dick from here on out too, okay Andrea?” Read more

Turned Him Into A Slut

I was tired of it, this time he had gone too far. I walked in from work to see my boyfriend Dan on the couch with his bestfriend Vince playing a video game. That part didn’t piss me off. The fact that when I walked in he said, “hey girl can you hurry and make me some dinner, daddys getting hungry.”
“Excuse me” I responded.
“Vince and I are hungry so take your little ass to the kitchen and cook us something.”
I was furious but what Dan didn’t know was that the women in my family were witches. Before I moved I recited a spell in my head.
The game was paused as the transformation began. Dan’s hair turned from light blonde to brunette, his body started to ache as it got smaller. His hair began to grow along with his chest. His waist became narrow, his feet dainty along with his hands, both now manicured and pedicured. His body lost all the hair it previously had and makeup was applied to his face. I left the final change for last. As the change finished I allowed him to look up to me and down on himself.
“What the Fuck just happened!” I giggled at his predicament, Vince just stared in awe.
“I’m a witch asshole, you think you can just make me do whatever you want cause I’m a woman, well guess what.” It was then that I started his final change into womanhood, his balls shrunk to where they were non existent, then his penis followed till it became a tiny little slit.
“There now your 100% female bitch” i mocked. Now fearful of my power he just lied there and asked, “what now”. I gave him a sly smile as I recited another spell in my head.
My body began to churn as it got taller. My breasts reduced to become flat, in their place a muscular, hairy chest. My legs and arms grew muscle and the hair on my head shortened. My shoulders became broader and my stomach gained tone. I made sure to take off my pants for the next change. Dan stared at my pussy as a testicle dropped out, a second later a second testicle dropped, the skin that used to be my slit closed up and in its place my penis began to grow. 3 inches, 4 inches, 5 inches, 6 inches. It kept growing, Dan could only watch as my now 8 inch dick stared her in the face.
“Vince, I can change you too” his penis grew 2 more inches from 5 inches to 7 inches. And his body became more toned. He looked down his pants at his new asset and was ecstatic. “Thanks” he exclaimed to me “don’t mention it, you were always sweet.”
“Dan its time for your last change, now that I’m the man of the house, and your the bitch, you are going to cook me and vince some dinner, first though I’m gonna make sure you know your place.
Your new name is Dayna, since you were 10 years old you wanted to be a hooters waitress and now that your 20 your living your dream, thats where you met me your boyfriend Tony, you love to please me but tonight I brought over my old friend Vince for a three way which you would be happy to be the center of. You love cock, you crave it, ever since you stuck your first dick in your pussy your freshmen year of high school, you knew you wanted to live to please a man. You are a submissive bitch who listens to every sexual command I give you. You will do as you’re told and you will love it.” She snapped out of her trance. She stripped of her clothes which had changed when she did leaving only her stockings.
“So like are you guys gonna fuck me or am I just gonna have to do it myself?” I picked her up in my new strong arms and felt how light she was. I threw her on the bed and she opened her legs, “Vince, you can fuck her first” he had no opposition fucking his former best friend with his new cock.
As I watched from above she grabbed my dick in her new manicured hand and told me she wanted it in her mouth.

Better as a Girl

“Dude I can’t believe my mom found that remote, I’m getting kinda jealous, she can do anything with it” All of a sudden, Justin’s mom walked in and pointed the remote at him and his friend. Justin began to shrink and his friend Eric grew a little taller.
Justins hair began to grow, his arms becoming slender, his hair becoming non existent everywhere else but his head, his chest grew, his penis shrunk and his body now stood 5’2 instead of the 5’11 he stood before, his penis replaced with a soft wet pussy. He was now for all intents and purposes a girl.
“Here’s how its gonna work said Justin’s Mom” Justin your name is Hailey now, your my best friend. Eric your gonna fuck both of us, I’m tired of being 40, I’m going to make myself a little younger than you two are, Hailey your gonna be my age, Eric you’ll still be 18. Hailey we’re 16 now, Eric is a senior at our high school and I’m gonna show you how to take a cock in your pussy for the first time.
Haileys memories changed before she could remember being Justin, she could remember having just graduated high school but now she could barely remember how to do algebra, her friend Adrianna was helping her relieve her stress, she was so lucky Adrianna’s parents were out of town, it was so fun to be alone just them two and Eric. Hailey had had a crush on him forever and couldn’t wait for Adrianna to guide his dick into her hot eager pussy. Hailey waited leaning over the edge of the washer in anticipation as she felt his dick touch the lips of her virgin pussy.