For a long time Michael thought he was the most popular kid in school. He played soccer, he was president of student council, and he had the lead in the school play. Michael had a very big head and would often make fun of less popular students. His main targets were goth kids. Finally he went to far bullying one goth kid named Zach and the goth boy decided to get revenge. Magic ran in Zach’s family and that night he cast a spell on the jock that humiliated him. The next day at school there was a beautiful new goth girl in school named Michelle and Michael was nowhere to be found. The new girl, Michelle, was drooling over Zach and without even trying to hide what she was saying from other people in the halls she was begging for Zach to take her to a bathroom stall and fuck her. Zach just laughed as everyone stood shocked at Zach’s new girlfriend. Only Zach would ever know the truth.


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