Five senses

My wife and I had just bought a device called “five senses”, it was supposed to heighten our senses while having sex. When we bought it we didn’t know exactly how it worked, but decided to try it as soon as we got home. Inside the box were two ear pieces, a remote control and a manual. As anyone would do, we didn’t read the manual; we each placed one of the ear pieces in our ears, and pressed start on the remote. The effect, although unexpected, was instantaneous.

I was not longer seeing through my eyes, I was looking at myself through my wife’s eyes. It was like I was inside my wife’s body, I could feel, hear, smell, taste and see everything my wife’s could, and I bet my wife was feeling the same thing from my body. “Wow! this is insane” I said, realizing it was my male body who just said it, “wait, I control my body, but see the world through yours?” I asked outloud. I heard myself say in my wife’s voice”I think so”. It was confusing, but it was kind of arousing.

I tried moviming my right arm, but I wasn’t controlling my wife’s body, I still controlled mine. Since I was aroused, I saw my formerself get an erection. “Honey, this is weird” my wife said through her body, while I felt my pussy get wet, I bet she was turned on too. “Maybe we should turn it off” I said hoping she said no. My wife was a head of me, she was already moving my arms, and taking my clothes off. I was stripping for her, there was nothing I could do, it just made me feel sexy. In a matter of minutes, I was all naked inside my wife’s body, “wow, I am hot, you were right, I don’t look fat at all” she spoke through me. Although it was harder than it looks, I continued by taking my clothes off, well, the clothes she was wearing in my body.

Although it took some time getting used to, a few minutes later we were having sex. She was doing all the thrusting, but I was the one feeling his equipment inside of me. I moved my arm, so that she was touching my breasts. It was arousing, it was insane. I was sure this would help our love life in ways I couldn’t even imagine. Since then, we have been using “five senses” every other day, I am starting to enjoy sex as her a lot more, than as me.


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