Becoming a blonde bimbo

I sat in the room scared shitless. The jocks have never liked nerds like me but this was ridicolous, why would they ever kidnap me?!
The had placed me in a room without windows and only one door in and commanded me to sit still on the lone chair that was in the room.
I heard them coming. The four of them entered the room again, one took guard behind me, one to the left, one to the right and their leader in the middle in front of me. The leader, Jack, was holding something in his hand. It looked like a Powerade bottle but the color of the drink didn´t match that particular taste. I knew that much.
“Drink”, Jack ordered me.
I was still scared. Maybe this was just a bad prank?
“All of it”. He handed me the bottle.
The fear must have been evident in my eyes as Jack got an evil smile on his face.
I gulped down the liquid in the bottle. Definately not Powerade. It tasted less chemical and more natural, even though it fizzled like a soda.

The four of them continued to stand around me for a couple of minutes and studied me intensive. What was they waiting for?
At first I felt my skin prickle. Then my core temperature began to rise, making me sweat even more. A tingling sensation was building in my stomach that pulsed outwards. The jocks began to take interest when I groaned in discomfort.
The tingling changed into a pressure that continually was rising. It felt like I was going to burst. I gritted my teeth and tried to endure. It continued to rise, I was expecting that I would pop like a balloon, just like that.
However, finally the pressure was released and streams of power shot out in my every limb. I felt that I was changing but I didn´t know into what and how. I felt the tingle in my whole body now and it was hard to discern what just happened.
The ordeal had beaten the crap out of me. All my energy was gone and I panted to get some air. It sounded feminine somehow.
I still had my glasses, maybe it wasn´t that bad?
Feeling was returning to my body and made me attentive that I had changed considebl…considar…consa…………A lot.
First of all I possessed a pair of giant boobs on my chest. And that long silky hair wasn´t mine. I had brown hair, not blonde. Maybe I drank a bottle of dye?
Dye? Dye doesnt change you. Think! Think!
The drink changed me!, I thought victoriously.
It tasted good too. I licked my thick lips.
Four men was in the same room as me. I recognize them. They are the ones that gave me the tasty drink. Such nice guys!
“Thank you for the drink”, I thanked them and managed to accentuate my knockers at the same time. I wanted to give them a real good view of my cleavage. I giggled at the thought of being such a tease in front of them.
The guy in the middle, the cute one, was the first one to talk to me. Well, about me. “I`ll take first turn. The rest of you can sort it out yourselves”, he said in a commanding voice. It made my whole body shiver in desire. So manly! “Come”, he told me and took me to a bedroom. Weeeee!
He was very straightforward and pushed me down onto the bed and began to play with my big, big boobs. I let him, he seemed to enjoy it. I on the other hand loved it!
My hands searched for his belt buckle and released it together with the rest of his pants, releasing the cock for me to play with. I was so proud of myself getting it so hard that quick. I moved down and let him boobfuck me, it felt great!
We changed positions and he was on the bed and I guided my wet pussy towards his hard shaft. I glided down slowly and felt how his member filled me up. I clenched my pussy muscles and he moaned in pleasure.
I pushed myself up and down on his stiff rod. Damn boobs bouncing everywhere! Then I got this idea and put my arm over both my boobs to keep them in place. I´m such a smart person!
We fucked a lot!
Both came!
It´s hard to think. It´s easier just doing what he tells me.
Cutie Jack left the room. Says another will come.
Goodie! I don´t wanna be alone!
Oh! He´s coming. He must be freezing, he´s naked. Poor him! But I can warm him with hugs!
“Come here you poor thing”


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