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It was perfect. Not only I had I received a text message from Adriana, but I have realized what was happening. As you know, everynight I was dreaming I was a brazilian girl named Adriana. The dream felt so real, I was sure, it wasn’t only a dream, I was possessing her during my sleep time. To prove my theory I used Adriana’s phone to send myself a picture of her. And to much of my surprise, it did work. I had Adriana’s picture to prove it. Read more

It is time to wake up

I knew the dreams felt real. But I didn’t know how real they actually were. Imagine everynight dreaming you are a hot brazilian girl. And now, imagine how good it feels when you discover you can actually control your dream. At first I was scared about those dreams, but now I spend my whole day hoping to fall asleep, so I can be Adriana once again. Read more

Five senses

My wife and I had just bought a device called “five senses”, it was supposed to heighten our senses while having sex. When we bought it we didn’t know exactly how it worked, but decided to try it as soon as we got home. Inside the box were two ear pieces, a remote control and a manual. As anyone would do, we didn’t read the manual; we each placed one of the ear pieces in our ears, and pressed start on the remote. The effect, although unexpected, was instantaneous. Read more

The proof I needed

My friend Alexa had just told me she was a witch. Ofcourse I didn’t believe her, why should I? “Look, what if I can get you to possess Kim?” she proposed. Kim is the girl I have a crush on at school, so, althought I did believe witchcraft was just a bunch of mumbo jumbo, I agreed. She took a potion out of her purse, “great!” she said as she handed me the potion, “just drink it all. It will be the proof you need”. Read more

Reading from the book of spells

Every single time the same thing happens. I bet that’s why my aunt asked me never to read from her book of spells. Not too long ago, I used to be a man. A normal man. One day, I went to visit my aunt Martha. She wasn’t home, so I waited for her. I was quite bored, so against her warnings, I secretly read from her book of spells. I thought it was funny she believed in magic. Read more