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Trying It Out

Believe us. We never thought we’d be here. At no stage did we think it would be like this. We were both just ordinary teenage boys who did ordinary teenage boy things. We were nothing special, just normal boys living normal lives. Read more

Friendly Device

It was so interesting. Finding a device that could alter the genders of those around me. I didn’t really believe it at first and initially brushed it off as been completely and utterly outlandish. I put it in my cupboard and put it to the back of my mind.
However later curiosity got the better of me. I had to see if it could do what it said it could. It seems cruel looking back on it but I tried it on my dog. Soon the old boy was a girl. No longer did he cock a leg up to pee. She squatted. After a few days I changed him back which caused him to go crazy. I changed him back to a she and the growling stopped. I assumed that maybe he liked being female.
It made me think. The dog enjoyed it so much. Maybe I could try being female, it was pretty easy to change back. If I didn’t like it which I was certain I would, I would change back. Nothing lost.
I clicked the button and it happened. I became a woman. Tits, curves, long hair and a vagina. A woman. With the device I also altered reality slightly. I had decided that it was best I fully live through womanhood to make it realistic. I made all my male possessions their female equivalents and I changed my identity to Katie (3rd from the left).
I pushed myself to adjust. I swore to myself I would last at least a week. It wasn’t easy. I wanted to fit in so I learnt how to walk in heels and do make up. It really requires quite intricate skills to make yourself look your best. Then there was sitting to pee which at first was purely humiliating.
It wasn’t long before I began to consider the female gender. The pluses and minuses of being a member of the other side. I loved the plush bottom of a woman that allowed comfort as well as the space between my legs which meant for the first times my legs could come together with ease. I also enjoyed breasts and the cooling sensation of a dress or skirt. Not to mention the satisfaction of looking in the mirror. I soon decided that I would stay this way for a little longer and maybe share the joy with others.
Andrew, Larry, Byron, Nate and John were all great friends of mine. I proposed to them that they join me as a woman just to try. I went through all the benefits I had discovered. It didn’t matter they stubbornly refused. I was devastated. I later decided that I may as well make them change after all I don’t need consent.
Andrew became Anna (far left), Larry became Lauren (2nd from left), Byron became Bianca (4th from left), Nate became Natalie (2nd from right) and John became Jessica (far right). They were all quite distressed. I altered reality to match their identities and give them female possessions. I also made us all live in the same house.
It was great fun. Mentoring these new women. Teaching Natalie to do make up, Jessica to sit to pee and Anna to walk in heels. It was so much fun. It wasn’t long before they embraced womanhood as much as I had. Soon, we had all agreed to stay this way forever.
I was so happy. I almost felt bad for forcing the others into this but at the end of the day I forced them to be happy. How can I feel bad about that? This is so good. We’re living the dream. Wearing skirts and having vaginas. Living the dream. What Are Friends For?

Five senses

My wife and I had just bought a device called “five senses”, it was supposed to heighten our senses while having sex. When we bought it we didn’t know exactly how it worked, but decided to try it as soon as we got home. Inside the box were two ear pieces, a remote control and a manual. As anyone would do, we didn’t read the manual; we each placed one of the ear pieces in our ears, and pressed start on the remote. The effect, although unexpected, was instantaneous. Read more

The plan worked

John finally took revenge on his manager. After five years of constant humiliation he was able to turn the tables. All thanks to his body swapping device. There was a beach party comming up and all the people from his job were supposed to be there. John used this occasion and stolen Jessica’s body, Jessica was his manager’s girlfriend. He waited until everyone arrives and in the middle of the party he started an affair. He yelled at him about how he supposedly was cheating on her. John hit the nail on the head. It appered that his manager really cheated on her. He started to apologize and beg her to forgive him. He looked so pathetic John had to hold back his laugh and play heartbroken. The whole show ended up with John spilling a drink on his head and walking off. Everyone was looking at them. John was satisfied that his plan worked.
John walked further the beach enjoying the fresh air. “This body feels amazing” John said. He saw a group of guys getting ready to surf. One of them smiled at him and John found him attractive. John pondered for a bit “It won’t hurt if a spend some time in this body and have fun” John thought to himself and went towards the guys.

Wake up

Joe woke up feeling warm, content, and a little sore. His memories of the previous night came back to him, then his whole trip here. He’d invented a body morphing device, nearly magical in it’s capabilities. He’d spent decades working on it, so when it was done he decided he needed a vacation before he publicized it, as that would be a lot of work too. Read more

Guy Drainer

Mike was roaming the streets in his neighborhood. Not really a rough place but the place was unpolished to say the least. You could see the shady business take place if you just opened your eyes a little bit more.
Having only a part-time job he often had time to kill.
When passing past a tinted store window something caught his eye, a small sign at the corner invited customers inside to try the `Guy Drainer´, first time was free.
Guy Drainer, huh? Must be a sex toy. Being bored and felt that the machine should at least give some variaton instead of masturbation he headed inside. Read more

The Girl Next Door

Holly and I grew up together. Our families were the only ones on the block with kids so we played and became best friends even though I was three years older. As she grew up though she became quite pretty. She was comfortable around me so she never thought much about what she was wearing or how little. Holly was my best friend though so I tried to be respectful even if my glance went her way.
I started investing when I was 16 and was good at trading stocks, enough to pay for college and buy my parents home so they could retire early and go enjoy their later years. So I was able to work from home still and Holly would come over and do homework or just hang out and watch TV and play games. She was at home watching sports with my other friends and fit in with our group, though all agreed she had become a real looker.
She was over one Saturday afternoon like usual. I was in sweats with no shirt and she had kicked off her sweat pants and just had her panties and a zip up hoodie on while we watched a Premier League game. When she started talking about applying to colleges I decided to tell her how I really felt. I told her I was in love with her. She said that she loved me too, but sadly I just wasn’t her type. I said I was willing to change. I could work out more or grow a beard. Whatever she wanted. She indicated that there was a chance and went home. I grabbed a beer and was a bit dazed. It didn’t go as bad as it could but it didn’t go well. Before I really got to think about it she came back in with a weird contraption. She claimed it was something her dad, an amateur inventor, was working on.
She played with some dials then pushed a button and it zapped me with some light. My sweats became thigh high stockings and my boxers little black panties. I thought them both a bit tight and rolled my right stocking down while she twisted more dials and fired again. Now they felt comfortable but the world looked a bit bigger. I saw the bright red on my nails when looking at my hand. I looked in the mirror and she had made me a girl and I was a couple of years younger than her now. If this is the body she wanted to be with that was fine by me. I would totally fuck me. I preened a bit in front of the mirror and then Holly apologized. I said that there was no reason to, I liked this new body. Then she said it wasn’t for that and the device bathed me in light one more time. That’s when she put the device down and came up behind me. She reached her hands across my belly and began fingering my pussy. It felt amazing. I had my hand on her thigh and normally would have roamed everywhere but my Mistress hadn’t given me permission to do that. She told me that the mental changes were the last addition. I still knew everything I did before, but she liked being in control of her lovers so I had to become submissive to her. Mistress fondles my clit and whispers that now we can be together forever. Sometimes I please her but mostly she likes making me writhe in ecstasy. Mistress Holly is so generous. I still trade stocks and make us rich when she is out. When she is home I’m her own immortal goddess ready for her touch. She used the machine to stop aging then smashed it so her dad couldn’t undo the creation of her perfect plaything. She is very proud of me and even invites my old friends over so they can watch as she brings me to an orchestra of orgasms.

Look at this!

“Look at this bro! its like a dream come true!” Dan said to his best friend Edward once he opened his towel.
“That Little device your dad gave you for your birthday worked?” Edward replied.
“Hell yeah it did! I can not believe i swapped bodies with that cut throat b*tch Tina.” Dan remarked.
“You ready to give those new parts a try” Edward said while unzipping his pants.
“More than ever.” Dan said sexily