Fantasy Fulfilled: Bachelor Party

“In here. In here. Open the door.”, he heard them whisper. Daniel was blindfolded as part of his bachelor party, the last night with the gang as a free man.
They even had made a decent kidnapping when they pulled him into the dark van just as he was going into the office building where he worked.
Wonder what they had planned.
“Alright. Remove it”.
The bright light made him squint his eyes a little when the removed the blindfold.
“Ah, mr Evans I presume”.
Daniel blinked a couple of times to adjust to the light and looked for the voice.
“I´m sorry. Where is my manners. I´m Craig”, the man behind reception desk presented himself. “You have been booked in our establishment. Please follow Nigel over there and he will show you your room”.
“Huh. What? What have they done now?”, Daniel said and referred to his comrades. Which incidentally had disappeared in a puff of smoke. They must had left the building as soon as the blindfold was removed.
“My instructions was not to reveal it for you. They wanted it to be a suprise. And a learning experience. Now, go on. Nigel is waiting for you”.
“Right”, Daniel said abesntmindedly, his thoughts pre-occupied elsewhere, and followed the man called Nigel.

“Number fifteen”, Nigel said and swiped his keycard to open the door, “All instuctions will be inside. You do not need to do any modifications anyway. The requests were very specific”.
Inside Daniel saw a pod of some sort. A big glass cylinder with cables everywhere and a bed with memory foam inside of it. The room was sterile apart from the coathangers on the wall. He removed his jacket and made use of one of the coathangers.
“Place yourself in the bed and close the lid”. The instructions seemed simple enough.
“When ready press the Ok-button to activate”. He felt comfortable in the bed. Daniel wondered that the hell the guys had set him up for. Only one way to find out.

A dizzying feeling of dizziness and light overwhelmed Daniels senses. He felt ripped apart and pieced back together again. A white wall approached him in a worrying speed and he ran right through it.

Daniel was back in the land of the living. He sat up straight and breathed heavily. “What the hell was that?”
He felt how his chest moved on its on accord and looked down. “BOOBS! Whatthehell! I´ve got boobs?!”
His hands cupped them to verify that they were real. It felt very alien when he poked them, having a sense of touch on a place that formerly had been empty space for him. At the same time he saw his dainty hands. Thin, long and with manicured nails. Female hands.
Panic surged inside of him. One hand raced down to his naked groin only to find that his pecker was gone, replaced with a void. Accidentaly his finger found his vagina instead. “Oh crap!”
He touched his longer hair and bigger butt. “Yup. He was all woman now. What was this place?”, he thought and tried to stay calm and collected.
“Enjoying your body?”, a female voice said behind him.
Fast as lightning Daniel covered his breasts and groin with his hands and turned around. A blonde woman was looking at him with the tiniest of smirks on her face.
“You should. It´s a great body”, she sauntered closer towards Daniel.
“I was told to instruct you”. She was just a breath away from him.
“I-I-Instruct?”, he stammered.
“Your wife was in on this too. Don´t worry, we got her blessing to teach you”.
“W-What? My wife was in on this?”
“You betcha. Consider yourself lucky that you found her before me, or else I would have taken her instead”, the blonde made a fake growl to drive home the point.
“Just sit down so we can begin”, Blondie said and directed Daniels body towards the bed.

It had started with a simple back rub.
Then it became a massage.
Blondies hands moved all over his back and on his shoulders. It felt fantastic. Was it like this for every woman? No wonder why his girlfriend, and future wife, loved them.
Then Blondies hands started to move towards his upper chest and continued the massage there. It was kinda awkward for Daniel but it felt nice so he let her continue.
Then her hands moved down to Daniels breasts, expertly kneading and touching them, but she was very careful leaving the areolas alone. He let out a gasp.
He felt how his pussy began to tingle. Blondie noticed that Daniels previous resistance to touching his sensitive areas had vaned dramatically. Her fingers began to trace down his body until they hit the thighs. Blondie caressed the inner thighs up and down with a featherly touch at the same time she began to kiss Daniel´s nipples that she intentionally had neglected.
A jolt of pleasure ran up Daniels spine and he unwillingly smiled and let out a small moan.
“Take note now, Daniel”, Blondie said and went down on him. She licked his pussy like a pro. Oh god, he was so wet.
She didn´t make him orgasm though. That was just part of the education she was giving and Daniel had much more to learn.
Their session continued for hours. Blondie showed how it was done and then it was Daniels turn.
He touched her, caressed her, licked her and learned how half a dozen sex toys worked. The orgasm was always tantalizingly close but Blondie never let him. His arousal was through the roof, the whole body felt tingly and sensitive to the touch.
“And now for the grand finale”, Blondie proclaimed in a solemn voice. She had put on a skin-colored strap on dildo and pointed it at his direction. Hmm, it even looked like his own cock.
“Recognize it?”, the said with a chesire cat-grin. “Spread wide, it´s time for you to experience the best thing about being a woman”.
Daniel bit his lip as the dildo entered his vagina. He had waited so long for this. His body ached for release.
Blondie pushed it in slow but steady, his pussy was already well-lubricated. It felt so great being filled up!
The vibrators had felt good but it didn´t beat the feeling of having something enter you all the way in.
“Oh…my….god”, he blissfully exclaimed.
The feeling of pleasure even increased when Blondie began to pump back and forth, letting the ribbing on her rubber cock tease Daniels pussy to even greather heights.
Blondie increased the pace of the strokes and she was soon going as fast as she could, ramming the cock into the warm pussy.
Daniel couldn´t take it anymore. The pressure inside of him was too high. The release, it was coming.
His pussy exploded and sent lightning bolts of pleasure all over his body. It wracked his mind and made him mentally reel. “It never stops”, he managed to think. Another jolt hit his body and his mind was reduced to a blissful wreck as the pleasure was coarsing through his body.

He laid in the bed, sweaty, spent and out of energy. “Wow”, he grinned, “I must definatly do that again”, he panted.
Blondie was lying next to him and caressed his form. “You know, I like you. I can get you a discount if you want to”.
“Really? Sure, I´ll take it!”


The wedding was a smash hit. Everybody was happy and the cake tasted delicious.
When the wedding night arrived Daniel´s wife would experience the best fucking sex of her life. Because Blondie had been an excellent teacher.


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