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Fantasy Fulfilled: Bachelor Party

“In here. In here. Open the door.”, he heard them whisper. Daniel was blindfolded as part of his bachelor party, the last night with the gang as a free man.
They even had made a decent kidnapping when they pulled him into the dark van just as he was going into the office building where he worked.
Wonder what they had planned.
“Alright. Remove it”.
The bright light made him squint his eyes a little when the removed the blindfold.
“Ah, mr Evans I presume”.
Daniel blinked a couple of times to adjust to the light and looked for the voice.
“I´m sorry. Where is my manners. I´m Craig”, the man behind reception desk presented himself. “You have been booked in our establishment. Please follow Nigel over there and he will show you your room”.
“Huh. What? What have they done now?”, Daniel said and referred to his comrades. Which incidentally had disappeared in a puff of smoke. They must had left the building as soon as the blindfold was removed.
“My instructions was not to reveal it for you. They wanted it to be a suprise. And a learning experience. Now, go on. Nigel is waiting for you”.
“Right”, Daniel said abesntmindedly, his thoughts pre-occupied elsewhere, and followed the man called Nigel. Read more