Stuck in the past. Part 7

“Hey Scott” Jenny greated him with a warm smile. ” I see you brought the cheerleader” She said staring daggers at Martin. “Well, lets see if she has got something more than looks” Jenny giggled. Martin ignored her comment and followed Scott into Jenny’s room. They all sat down and started to work on their project. At least Jenny and Scott did. Martin had no idea about what were they actually doing and soon he started to regret he signed up for this. He made a fool of himself again and only gave Jenny another reason to make fun of him. Jenny saw it and couldn’t restrain herself to make a rude comment. Martin was boiling inside. Not only her bitchy attitude was driving him crazy. Jenny couldn’t stop seducing Scott. Martin knew he needs to do something. They were supposed to go back to their times but this girl was warping Scott around her finger. If she succedes Scott may have fell in love and do something stupid, like staying in here forever.

After some time Martin couldn’t stand it anymore “Let’s go Scott. I won’t sit here listening to this arogant bitch” Martin grabbed Scott’s hand. Scott didn’t move. Martin looked at him surprised. “Sorry Laura but go without me. I need to finish this project” Scott said. “But…” Martin couldn’t say a word. “Listen Laura. We both know you won’t help me. It’s better if you leave this to me”. Martin was stunned. Jenny looked at them with a grin of satisfaction. She won. “Fine!” Martin yelled and left slamming the door.

Tears were forming in his eyes. He was alone again. When he first got here he was scared. He was alone, trapped in a girls body, in completely diffirent time without anyone to help. Then Scott followed him, risking his life to rescue his best friend. Martin was so grateful and happy he wasn’t alone anymore, but now he felt like Scott completely forgot about him. Instead he prefers to hang out with Jenny. “Damn it!” Martin shouted and started to cry.


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