Family Change Spread

On Thursday, Tad told his friend Nick he had an interesting surprise for him when he came over Friday night. His friend Nick was excited, hoping it would be something besides a game or movie this time, not that he didn’t enjoy them, but he wanted to do something different this time. When Nick went into Tad’s room, there before him was a naked buxom curvaceous brunette with monstrously large breasts hanging nearly down to her bellybutton. Her hands were over her equipment, and she was smiling.

Nick said, “Tad is this your surprise, you hired a woman for us? Sweet! Nice to meet you Miss, I’m Nick.”

The woman said, “Nice to meet you Mr., I’m Tad! HAH! GOTCHA! This was the surprise. I couldn’t afford to hire a woman, so I did the next best thing, I became this evening’s entertainment AS a woman. It’s me in here Tad.”

“Tad? How could that be? You are messing with me. Tad where are you? Come out you little bastard,” said Nick unbelievingly.

“I am Tad, trust me. How else would I know you wet the bed until you were twelve, and that your mom dressed you like a girl when you were little and took pictures,” said Tad smiling, “though I guess I’m the girl now it seems. Come on Nicky baby, don’t you like what you see, hun?”

Nick replied, dumbfounded, “I can’t believe this! Tad, that is really you…. Just wow…. I suppose I should say, how or why?”

“The how is, a family secret, and the why is because I can,” said Tad being cryptic.

Nick said, “Now, if it is really you, then tell me all of it, the how and the why, you are being very vague, babe, I mean Tad.”

“Fine, fine. Here goes, in my family the youngest male, that’s me, turns into a very feminine woman on their 18th birthday. I suppose you forgot it was my birthday by the way. Anyway, this is the result of that transformation. So the why is because it just happens, and there is no way out of it. I’ve known since I was very young, and have prepared for it, but nothing can really prepare you for having knockers this big, I mean wow. When I woke up like this from my nap today, shortly after the time of my birth, 4pm, I was stunned, my chest was huge, and so was my hips, thighs, and butt. I’m soft and super curvy, I’m a BBW, which is a change, since I was such a scrawny young man before. You’ll think me strange, but I kinda like being a bit chubby, makes me feel great, so feminine and soft and plush. Anyway, this is how I would have been if I were originally born a girl, so its just like I skipped over being a girl for 18 years, and started out a grown woman. It’s a lot to take in, but I feel wonderful, and I like I said I was prepared for years, and knew this would happen. My dad’s younger brother who also changed at 18, now his sister, is the famous busty stripper downtown Lila May. Come to mention it, she did end up with big naturals too. Hmm, anyway, here I am this is the new me, and as you might by know realize, Lila never changed back, and I won’t either. So, I thought on my first evening as a girl we could have some fun. Then see how it goes, maybe you’ll have a new girlfriend instead of just a friend,” said an enthusiastic Tad, ready for sex as a woman, even if it is with his buddy Nick.

“I um, don’t know what to say, this is a lot to take in,” said Nick.

“Yeah, but tell me you don’t find me sexy. I think you look kinda cute now, from this perspective, must be the hormones or my new female brain, who knows, but you are cute baby. You said it’s a lot to take in, well I bet it is a lot to take in, I mean that trouser snake down there anyway,” said an increasingly horny lustful new Tad.

“What makes you think I will do anything with you, I mean you were my buddy, this is kind of weird,” said Nick.

“Is this kinda weird,” said Tad grasping Nick’s pants with his tiny female hands, massaging the balls and cock of Nick with his dainty fingers with long natural nails.

Tad loved feeling a man’s goods in his hands, even through his jeans and boxers, he was getting a tingle throughout his new body, he was super horny, horny for a man, and not just any man, his buddy Nick!

Nick was enjoying it too, as Tad felt him grow right in his tiny hands, “Wow you are getting big Nick. Why is that?”

Nick said, “Ugh, oh, um whew, um, ugh just pull it out, please, I need relief!”

Tad dropped to his knees, his thunderous thighs jiggling along with his massive breasts, and large round ass. He pulled out that trouser snake, and began to suck, Nick’s big hard on felt so good between his lips, he tasted great on his tongue, and Tad was so turned on he was super wet below now, just blowing his buddy. By the time Nick was ready to pull out and put it inside Tad, he slid right in easy, Tad was ready for this!

Later Tad felt a twitch, and his buddy, forgetting a condom exploded in his new pussy, and Tad had four orgasms in a row his body almost making up for lost time, such an intense female set of orgasms.

“Oh that was so good, wow, I need you to be my boyfriend Nick, you are so manly,” said Tad in afterglow from the amazing sex experience.

Nick calmed down, it was the best and only orgasm he had in the last six months after his last girl dumped him. Nick had a lot of see built up, and one can imagine where this is going. Tad took a pregnancy test three days later, and also wondered why Nick wasn’t returning his texts or calls. Tad discovered he was pregnant, but calmed down, realizing he had the body for it, he could deal, just needed to get ahold of the daddy. After a week of not hearing a thing from Nick, Tad began to be worried, so through on a low cut blouse, tight leggings, and a cute pair of flats, and headed over to his house to see what was going on.

“Nick open this damn door, I have something to tell you, and where have you been young man,” said Tad desperate.

“Tad, it was a one time thing, and I’m done. I can’t see you anymore, it’s too weird ok? Plus your kinda fat too,” said Nick.

“Kinda fat?! Oh you better open this door young man. I’m pregnant with OUR baby,” said Tad getting rapidly upset.

“You have to stop contacting me, okay? Stop,” said Nick.

“Oh no you don’t Mister. You’re the father, you’ve been the only one I’ve been with in the last week. You better fucking open up, you asshole. You are so not going to knock me up and leave me. You’re a little prick, now open up,” said Tad rapidly losing patience.

Nick, finally answering said, “So what do you want me to do? I’m not raising a kid, so you’ll have to just get child support off of me I guess. I’m not going to date you, and I don’t want to get “in that” anymore. Got that, bitch? I know you couldn’t help the change, and it’s a family thing, I get that, but you have to also understand you are not the woman for me. Okay? You were a good friend, nothing more, and certainly not my girlfriend. So buzz off, babe. If I have to I’ll send checks, so goodbye.”

With that Nick slammed the door, and Tad could over hear a woman’s voice, he had another woman over already, she was wondering who Tad was, and why she was over there at Nick’s place. She heard Nick trying to play off the visit as nothing, but Tad would have none of it, and knocked on the window, waving at his new girlfriend.

“Nick knocked me up last week, he is a deadbeat, and he’ll do the same to you, mark my word, he uses us women,” said Tad.

Nicole heard everything and slapped Nick across the face, and stormed out, believing a fellow woman, like Tad now was, over the guy who was her boyfriend, Nick.

Nicole said outside Nick’s house, “Are you ok, hon? Do you need anything, I’m sorry Nick did this, he is such an ass, and yes I believe you, there were rumors he has knocked up other girls too, but his rich dad just pays them off. I tried to not believe it, as we dated this week, but the evidence is mounted high now, with you tipping the iceberg. Nick is an ass.”

Nick yelled out his door, “You stupid pregnant mutant bitch. You just made me lose my girlfriend.”

Tad yelled back, “I hope you fucking turn into a chick yourself, would teach you a lesson on how to treat women AS a woman!”

“Only you would do that with that stupid family thing, have fun with your fat tits Tad, or should I call you Tammy now,” said Nick.

Nicole chimed in, “I’ve heard of your case, it is rare but does happen. Don’t be ashamed, and you should be happy you get to live as both, and now you’ll get to experience pregnancy too, making a baby inside you, it should be a great experience for you. Also, it’s funny you said that to Nick, but well, there are stories of some of the change traveling through sexual juices, making the partner change as well, seriously!”

Tad said, “I could only hope, that guy deserves it.”

Nick cussed himself to sleep on the couch with a beer in hand, but when he woke, he had a big tit in hand! Nicole was right, some of the change traveled through her vagina during sex, and the multiple orgasms helped it along even further. Nick screamed only this time in a new female voice, as SHE raced for a mirror. Before her was a buxom curvy thick redhead with even bigger breasts than Tad had! He even had freckles over those tits, and on his new face.

“This can’t be! I’m a… I’m a…. NOOOOO WAY,” said Nick running around his house, his tits going everywhere with no support.

Meanwhile, Nicole and Tad, whom she renamed Tonya, went out shopping at the mall, having a girls night, with Nicole promising to help her new friend into womanhood and motherhood.

Finally they were back at Tad’s house, and heard a knock on the door, “Open up this minute Tad you bitch.”

When Tonya answered, formerly Tad, she smiled, “Who are you calling a bitch? Who the hell are you?”

Nicole said, “Oh, I know, I bet it’s Nick?”

“YES it’s me you bitches. You have to do something, I’m flipping huge,” said Nick.

“We can’t do anything Nick. Just like me, you’re stuck I’m afraid, the forces behind the change aren’t biologically known really even, might as well adjust to being this, I must say, kinda fat redhead,” said Tanya, along with Nicole laughing, while Tanya foon followed.

“This is not funny, look at me, LOOK AT ME,” said Nick.

Nicole stepped in, “We are looking at you, and you’re a fat bitch, now get the hell out of my friends yard before we call the cops. Oversized jeans and a t-shirt, really? You better get a big dress, after all your a woman now! Now you’re one of us. Let’s see how much playing you do now, and despite what you might believe, a lot of us chicks are not into other chicks like you might think. You might have to settle for a man now, maybe even one that is an ass like you were. How does that sound there NINA?”

Nicole slammed the door on Nick or whom she called Nina now, leaving the crazy redhead to her new fate. She realized she would now be on the receiving end of mistreatment because of her weight, her boobs, her being a woman, and on the receiving end during sex from now on. No more pumping into one of his conquest bitches, he was now quite possibly going to be the conquest bitch, getting pumped into now, possibly by someone like he used to be that would dump him after the sex was over.

Nicole and Tanya went online after Nick had gone, and started shopping for baby clothes, having fun, while Nick was left to his new life in tears, realizing finally the error of his ways, but it was too late for him as a man, to make right. He no SHE would have to do that as a buxom redhead from now on.


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