Enjoy the show

Believe me when I say that it was worse than it sounds. I had always wondered what it would be to be in the body of a woman. And when I found a magic book in my grandparents attic, the first spell I looked for was one that would answer that very same question. I read each spell title “Bodyswap, body possession, body transformation… Great! that’s exactly what I need”.

The spell required me to prepare a potion, drink it, and cast the spell. I looked for all the required ingredients, the hardest were three strands of hair from three women that I like. I waited until I was home alone, and prepared the potion. After drinking it, I casted the spell. I was looking at myself in the mirror, expecting the changes to be instantaneous, but nothing happened.

Sadden by the lack of results, I called my best friend and invited him to play some videogames. While we were playing, I felt the need to burp, I tried to contain it, but it was pointless. I burped and it smelled horrible. “Dude, what did you eat?” my friend asked. “Nothing! I swear” I said, noticing my voice was off. That’s when I remembered the potion. I felt how my stomach starting “moving”, I stood up and headed to the bathroom, “i’ll be right back” I said. I never made it to the bathroom, I fell to the floor, and started changing. I saw my hands become thin and cute. I felt my legs change size too. The scariest part was when I felt my manhood deflate and retract into my own body. Breasts exploded from my chest. I started to feel my face rearrange, at the same time, my hair grew longer. I was sure I was a woman, 100%. I wanted the potion to work, but I hoped to be alone when the change happened.

I tried to stand up, but I couldn’t. Don’t get me wrong, my body was fine, but it was just not responding to me. I saw my hands reach down and take both my pants and underwear off. I wanted to scream, I felt my hands touch my hairless female legs, but I wasn’t controlling their movement. I got on all fours, and started shaking my ass. “James… over heeeereee” I yelled. Shit, if James sees me like this, he would either freak out, or want to have sex with me. I wasn’t ready, I wanted to be a woman, but I didn’t want to have sex, not even with my friend. “Who are you?” James asked. I looked back at him and smiled, “I bet you don’t care, I bet seeing my wet pussy is giving you some ideas” I said.

I wanted to cry, I saw James unzip his pants and walk towards me. If I had been in control, I would have ran away, but instead I ran towards James, jumped on his arms and wrapped my legs around him. I kissed him, I kissed him passionately. It did feel good, specially since this new body got aroussed. When he entered me, I felt his thing push my vaginal lips. The whole thing was orgasmic. It was like watching a porn movie, but from the porn actress point of view.

Afterwards, my new self came clean to James, she explained everything. “So, John is there? inside of you?” he asked. “Yes” I answered. “But you are a whole different person, and you are in control?”, “Yes exactly. And don’t worry. I have replaced him, he’s gone for good. I bet you don’t mind, I bet you would rather have me as a girlfriend, than him as a friend” I said, I couldn’t believe what was happening, I hoped for James to say he didn’t agree, but all he did, was kiss me passionately. I felt my nipples get erect again. I knew the new me wanted to have sex again, so as much as I hated it, I decided to just enjoyed the show.

I never came back, I lived as Emily for the rest of my life. Feeling, seeing, tasting everything she did. Sometimes it was sublime, but others were quite scary. As a man I used to be shy, but Emily on the other hand is quite extroverted and unfearful.


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