What a girl wants

The plan was simple enough, use the spell Jack had found online to turn into their fantasy women, enjoy the company of a cute girl who wasn’t on a screen for a few hours. Then change back to normal before their wives came home.

Well the first part went pretty well, after a few beers to steady their nerves and lower their inhibitions they each went to separate rooms and emerged a few minutes later looking twenty years younger, 150 lbs lighter and 100% more female.

A very pleasant evening was had by all, admiring their perky tits and tight asses, giggling at how high and girlish their voices sounded, feeling surprisingly relaxed in the skimpy lingerie they were wearing.

The problem arouse when the time came to change back. They had figured it would be easy, all they needed to do was orgasm and the spell would be broken and with not one but two sexy girls in the room they had expected to have no difficulty getting sufficiently excited.
It proved a bit more complicated than that.

They each found that while they could still appreciate the female form it was now more a feeling of admiration than anything else, like looking at a sunset or a nice car, pleasant but not at all sexy. They tried everything they could think of, Jack stuck his hand down his panties and tried picturing his favourite porn star but all he felt was a pang of envy that Alexis Texas has much better than tits than him.

Trying to get his motor running Jack’s friend Jim began to dance for him, grinding and twisting like a stripper. Jack watched Jim’s ass bouncing before him and knew that if he still had his cock it would be rock hard but his current body didn’t react at all, if anything Jim’s antics were a distraction. Instead his mind wandered to the memory of Jim’s male body, his broad shoulders and strong arms. Jack’s pussy tingled pleasantly and he tried to focus on that feeling but every time he felt like he was making progress Jim would push his fat ass in his face again and kill the mood.

Jack tried again grimly determined to make his unfamiliar body respond and again his thoughts drifted to his friends male body. He found himself wondering how Jim would look naked, what it would feel like in those arms and how his cock would feel growing hard in his hands.

“Oh shit!”

He swore aloud as understanding finally dawned on him. The transformation was more than skin deep. They didn’t just look like women, they were women, straight women, straight women with absolutely no interest in getting off without the help of a man.

Jack hurriedly explained their mistake to Jim and the two of were faced with a difficult choice. Either they stayed as the were and tried to explain to their wives why their husbands were now horny young women or they could head to the nearest bar and try and find a couple guys to give them what they really needed..


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