The Perfect Prefect

Charlie was so excited for this term at Hogwarts he was so sure he was going to be a Gryffindor Prefect and so was Sarah Brown, the hottest girl in the whole school. However, when the Prefects were announced Charlie was shocked to find out that his rival Tim had been selected to serve alongside Sarah. Charlie was furious, and at the first opportunity headed to see Professor McGonagall. Charlie argued with her for hours about how he had better grades and was the top student in Gryffindor. Finally McGonagall sighed and said “Well this is unheard of but I suppose the top two students should be prefects regardless of the circumstances.” Charlie nodded though he wasn’t sure what she meant. “There are rules though so if your are going to become our prefect then you will have to live with the changes for the rest of your time at Hogwarts at least and after that long I’m not sure things can be undone.” Charlie wasn’t really listening he just wanted to be a Prefect with Sarah so bad. “Do whatever you have to do.” he told McGonagall. With that she pulled out her wand and said something in Latin and poof, Charlie was waking up in the girls dorm rooms finding huge tits and a new vagina. He sat up in shock to see Sarah glaring at him. Sarah walked over to Charlie and pinned the prefect badge on his bra, “I hope you and Tim are very happy this year, Bitch” Sarah said before stalking off. Charlie gulped as he realized he had not taken Tim’s spot but Sarah’s and now he was in for a very long year.


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