Dreams Come True

It started as a conversation. Mike asked me about my dream body and I thought he meant describe my dream girl, he laughed and said he never thought I wanted to be a woman. I tried turning it back on him, about how he was thinking about a hard body instead of a nice, curvy lady. But he kept on about how I wanted to be a woman.

It became a dream. It wouldn’t be about me as the curvy chick I described, I would just happen to be her if I noticed myself in the dream. When I started having sex dreams they were as her. And the partner was always Mike in his ideal body.

It is going to become a reality. I found a way to make dreaming selves real. I practiced the spell and lucid dreaming and now I’m fucking Mike in my dreams and I’m ready to start the incantation. When I finish we’ll have these bodies and I can feel what it is like to ride a real cock with my real pussy.


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