His Katie

“Alright class, as many of you may know, I prefer to teach by giving my students a taste of their own medicine. So, in the spirit of that, I’m going to select one student to cast the love spell upon. For educational purposes, of course.”

The professor looked around the room, then at me. Her gaze lingered as I sweat a little, then she pointed. Oh shit. “You, girl, what’s your name?”

Let’s rewind a minute. My name is Brandon, and I’m not really a girl. I just infiltrated a girl’s witchcraft school on a dare from my classmates. Yes, a girl’s school.

I have a witch friend, and she said she could get me in to take a class or two before anyone found out, and, well, she had to turn me into a girl to do it. It was a dare, after all.

I figured I would enroll in this class on charms and seduction, again, because I thought it would be funny and my friend said that even as a non-magic user I might be able to do something with it.

I never expected to have a spell cast on me, and definitely not while looking like this…

“Uh, Katie?” I gulped. The other girls laughed.

“Are you straight, Katie?”

I answered nervously and quickly, I didn’t want to blow my cover. “Um, yes?”

The professor lifted her hands and pointed at me again, quickly. A strobe of light flickered from her fingers and it was over. Gasps rang through the room, all eyes on me. I looked at my hands and ran them through my hair, then patting myself down. Nothing had changed. I didn’t feel any different, I didn’t even think any different. I still felt like Brandon, but still in a girl’s body. The professor simply smirked at me when it was done, watching me freak out a little.

“Don’t worry, ladies. It’s temporary. And if little Katie here doesn’t want to feel any of the effects, she shouldn’t run into a man. Shouldn’t be hard at this school for girls!”

The other girls laughed again. I relaxed a little. Maybe this was just a hazing. Maybe it was just a prank they played on newcomers to the school.

“Too bad we have a very special guest today, come out here Gary!”

Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. I closed my eyes and covered my face with my dainty girl hands. I didn’t know what was coming, but I didn’t want to be here anymore.

I could hear gasps again, and fawning from the other girls. I heard the muffled sounds of footsteps approaching, then stop in front of me. I had sat at the front of the class. This was my own damn fault, I had this coming to me.

“Hello, Katie.” I could hear the words like a soft and gentle breeze on the wind. They were spoken by a man. By a man to me. My brain lit up like it was waking from slumber. The spell… it must be kicking in! I clenched my hands tighter to my face. Do not look at him, do not look!

A hand. A warm and comforting hand was rested on my slender shoulder. I knew it was a man’s hand. I could sense it, coursing through my body. It was light, and kind, but the sheer force of it startled me to release my blinds and look up into his face. His face. His.

The rest of the world fell away until it was just the two of us, looking at each other.

He was gorgeous.

I fell for him immediately.

“He-hello.” I stammered like an idiot. I wanted to impress him, to show him that I can be his. What does he like? Where is he from? Who can I be for him?

Then, his next words changed me. “You’re beautiful, Katie.”

He thinks I’m beautiful. Me. He likes the way that I am now, and right now I’m a woman. I can be his woman. I want to be his woman forever, if it would make him love me. He wants to call me Katie. Fine. I am Katie. It doesn’t matter that I was someone else before, I’m his Katie now, if that would make him happy.

I see him looking at my body. He looked at my chest and smiles. He likes my breasts. He called me beautiful, so they must be beautiful too. I love my breasts, if he loves them. Before I realize it, I’m standing before him. The rest of the class is there too, watching in silent awe. I ignore them, they don’t matter to me right now, only he does.

He slowly reaches around and hugs me, caressing my sides as he does it. He likes the shape of my body. I am a girl now, after all. He likes girls, then. He must. I can be a girl. I can be a CONVINCING girl, if it would let me have him. I smile at him, and hold him as well. I look at his lips, wanting them.

Most girls like boys. I am a girl. So I must like boys. I can like boys, even if I never liked boys before. This is different, this is for him. Girls also like cocks. I never liked cock before, but I will love cock now. I love him, and I will love his cock if he wants me to.

I feel warmth stirring in my pussy. My pussy. My beautiful female vagina. I’ve never felt like this before, but this must be what it is like to love a man. I want him, I want his cock. I want him inside me, loving me, loving the Katie that I have become.

I hear the murmurs of the class. Like, “what’s wrong?” and “shouldn’t it have worn off by now?” and cheers like “get it girl!” and “he’s so hot!”. I ignore them again. This is our moment.

I get lost in time staring at him, and before I know it we are at his place. I’m naked, he’s naked. This is natural. I’m a girl, and he’s a hot, sexy, ferocious boy. I only want to make him happy, and to do so I will stay a girl forever. I will be his Katie forever. Starting tonight.


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