I was on my way to recive the prize i have won in a lottery. It was from a compant called Bodysuits inc. Probably some costume shop but it was the first thing i won in my life so i was glad. I got at the place and introduced myself. The woman working there was stunning. Her name was Kim and i immidiately fell in love. To bad she’s out of my league and i would never had a chance with her.
“Congratulations to our winner. We hope this will change your life for the better” She smiled and handed me a box. I thanked her and left the store.

Back home i opened the box and pulled out something weird from it. It looked like a full body human skin, female skin. “Is this some kind of a sick joke” I said out loud but then i noticed an opening in this… Suit? The skin was small, i doubuted it will fit on my body but despite that i tried to put it on. I put my feet in. To my surprise it wasn’t tight, the suit was very flexible or… Did my feet just got smaller?
Ignoring it i pulled the suit up to my legs. Again i checked and now i had a pair of smooth and sexy legs. “Wow!” I exclaimed and pulled up further. When it warped my lower half something terrifing happened. As soon as the suit touched my crotch, the bulge under it dissapered. My dick was gone and i had a vagina. I wanted to take it off but my curiousity didn’t let me do it. I looked for a bit at my flat crotch and decide to continue. Soon i had a narrow waist and a flat stomach. I really don’t know how the suit did it but my beer belly was gone. Next were my hands and torso. I couldn’t hold my amazement. The breasts felt so real, like they weren’t a part of the suit but actualy my own. I was eager to see the final effect so i quickly pulled on the rest. When i was done i came up to the mirror. It was incredible. From i slightly overweight, hairy guy i turned into a beautiful young woman.
“Wow! I look… Wait. My voice!” I said surprised how soft and feminine it was. The suit was really amazing. I turned to the box to see if there is something more. I found a white, lacy bra and a pair of knickers. I put them on and took the rest of the clothes. A white blouse and a knee lenght skirt. When i was done i couldn’t stop admiring my body. This was so great, i should spend some time like this. It could be really fun.


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