My best friend James was about to get married. I was in charge of planning his bachelor party. I didn’t want to hire just one stripper, I wanted to do something very different for him. So after looking for ideas online, I found a special service designed for bachelor parties. They had two options, the usual “one stripper deal”, or “the stripper orgy”. And that second option sounded too good to be true. I quickly signed up all of us.

It was finally friday, the day of the party. We had everything planned out, the main idea was to relive everything James loved to do, and end with the stripper show. First, we played some videogames, then we went to a bar, and drank ourselves stupid. Then, we got to my place, and continued drinking, waiting for the strippers to show up. “They are supposed to get here at 10pm” I said. We heard the bell ring, I went to open the door, quite excited to see the five girls I had hired. But there were no girls outside, just a small box labeled “The stripper orgy”. I picked up the box, and walked back to the living room.

“Oh shit, it seems I made a mistake” I told my friends. “You think?” one of my friends said. I openned the box, inside of it, there were 5 ids of really hot girls. “What kind of a joke is this?” James said while picking one and reading the name, “Ginger? what kind of a name is that?”. We hadn’t noticed by then, but his dark hair, had turned red. “dude? what is wrong with your hair?” I asked. His hair was already at shoulder length, his face looked kind of feminine. “This feels… this feels… great!” he said with a sexy high pitched voice. He was no longer James. He looked like the girl in the id. Alfred had already picked up one of the id’s too. “Shit shit! I don’t want to be crystal!” he said, but it was too late for him, he already looked like a girl.

Ginger, had already taken her clothes off, she was kissing my friend Dan. And that was it for him, Ginger placed the id on Dan’s hand. He was transforming into Tiffany. I looked at Steve, “I guess we should run out of here, before it is too late for us too” I said. I walked slowly to the door, while Steve did the same thing. “Where are you going?” Crystal asked while inviting Steve to join in. I could see Steve trying to resist, but in his distraction, Tiffany had already placed and id on his back pocket. He was transforming into Brandy. At this time, they were all making out. It was time for me to run away, they were distracted. I openned the door, and before leaving, I took a good look at them, they were all really hot. I couldn’t believe my friends were gone, replaced by strippers. “That would be a lot of explaining to do” I thought. “what the hell…” I said while closing the door, and walking back to the box, I picked up the remaining id, “Destiny” I read the name that would be mine. And it was right, it was my destiny to become a stripper. A few seconds later the five of us were making out, fingering, licking, doing everything a lesbian like ourselves would do.

Afterwards we reported to the local strip club, where we signed up as strippers. I can say that the whole lesbian thing wore up after a few weeks, I started to look at men in a whole different way. I can’t wait to meet a man and rock his world.


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