Return the favor

Colin just got back to the dormitory tired from his lessons at the university. He was about to enter his room, but he stopped in the doorway not believing of what he saw. He rubbed his eyes with astonishment but there was no delusion, on his bed was Kasey, dressed in nothing but lingerie. For a moment Colin tought he fell asleep during his class, so he pinched his forearm, the pain assured him this is not a dream. “Kasey what are you… why are you here, where are your clothes” Colin tried to keep cool, but the view was too distracting. “It’s me you fool. Luke” She burst out laughing. “Don’t be ridiculus” Colin did not belive her. “It’s really me. We used a body swap potion, because we were curious about what it’s like to be the other gender” Luke explained. “I still find it hard to belive” Colin was skeptical. “Belive me or not that’s the truth, besides remember when we were at Adam’s house and you were with Megan and then…” Luke couldn’t finish as Colin interrupted. “Alright i belive you, just don’t remind me of that awful evening” Colin said. “Anyway, if you swapped with her, then why are you here just in her underwear?” Colin was curious of Luke’s motives. “Remember how much you helped my with class, if not for you i wouldn’t be able to pass. So iv’e decided to repay you with this sexy body. I know how much you fantasize about her” Luke said exposing his assets. Colin could feel the bulge in his pant’s. It didn’t matter Luke or not, his eyes saw Kasey, the woman of his desires. “But what if Kasey finds out about this, won’t she be mad?” Colin aske worried. “Of course not. It was her idea after all, she wanted to make out with my girlfriend so she gave me a free hand” Luke assured his friend.

Colin didn’t think twice, he could never have an oportunity like this. He striped off in no time and almost tripped over his pants. He jumped onto the bed where Luke in Kasey’s body spread his legs inviting him in. The sex was incredible, Colin was amazed of Luke’s skills, when did he have the time to learn it? After they finished Collin was exhausted. He looked at his lover who also looked satisfied as she panted with a smile.

It was the best week Colin ever had. He made love to his dream girl every day and it didn’t matter to him it was his friend Luke in her body. When the week was coming to it’s end Colin was dissapointed, but then after what he thought was the last sex together Luke broke the news that Kasey wanted to extend their time as eachother and he agreed. Colin couldn’t hide his joy, it gave him energy for another round. When he asked Luke how long it will be he told him he can stay as much as he want and judging by the fact he feels much better as a woman he will probably keep this body forever.


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