This is a lost cause, I still look girly as hell, even with this hair. I think that I could even go with the face, maybe I could pass as a very young boy, and, at least, I would still be male for the world. But I’m so small now; I’m tiny, smooth and so fucking delicate. And my chest, they are the worse, I guess. I bet I couldn’t hide these damned breasts even with all the tape in the world; they are so big, even more, glued on this petite body.

Yes, I’ll have to endure this as a bloody girl. I can’t stand Sarah anymore, pissing me off to go out like this. Yes, I don’t even remember how outside is, but it’s so humiliating, I look like I’m her fucking daughter. Everybody will treat me as a teen girl.

Oh! Who’s texting me?

“Hi, teacher! Hope you are well. It’s been more than three months, and I never saw you around again. But I will, I know, you will be back at school, you’ll see. Sooner or later. Only this time will be as a student again, but a pretty female student like the ones you used to look in that disgusting way. It will so much fun! Watch you having to deal with this! Old teachers staring at you, boys wanting to make out. And wow! Maybe you can join me in the cheer squad! It would be rad! Wouldn’t it? I can’t wait! See ya Mr. Rogers! Oh sorry, I mean, Miss Rogers! xoxo. Tiffany”

What? That little… that little witch! It was her! And yesterday Sarah… Sarah came to me talking in that annoying serious tone about me going back to school. No way… no way. Hmm so this little witch think I’m done. Hmm we’ll see about this, we’ll see.


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