“I feel funny.” Frank said as he laid on the couch, covering himself. He knew his hips were going to widen, so he’d take off his pants. He just wished Greg had waited until he put something else on before changing him with that MasterPC program.

“Well you are almost naked on the couch. You came out pretty hot by the way.” Greg said with a wry grin. Of course he’d come out hot. Greg had designed the body.

“No, it’s more than that… Are you sure you didn’t mess with my mind?” Frank asked, “I meant it when I said I was sorry I did that. I thought it was just an act.”

“You had me in a skimpy maid outfit all last weekend, cleaning the house, addressing you as master, flirting with you and making double entendres about your dick all the time. How did you not figure that out sooner?” Greg said, rehashing the argument they’d been having all week. Their little game of tossing a coin and the winner getting to transform the loser into some eye candy for the weekend seemed a lot more dangerous now that they knew the program could mess with people’s minds.

“I thought it was just a joke! I figured out it wasn’t when I accidentally grabbed your ass and you moaned! I turned you back right after that!” Frank said, “Come on, it’s not cool to break your word. We both said we wouldn’t mess with each other’s minds and I’m pretty sure you messed with mine.”

“Well I didn’t.” Greg said and smirked. He wasn’t lying. However, after learning the MasterPC could change his mind and make him into a sultry maid, he wondered if it had other functions they hadn’t discovered. And boy did it.

He hated to admit it, but he had actually been really horny all last weekend. He remembered flirting with Greg and wanting more. Wanting to be touched.

“I just- I keep…” Frank trailed off as he stared at Greg’s crotch and one of his hands started to move slightly. He moaned softly and blinked, blushing, but not stopping, and not looking away.

Greg stood and pulled out his cock as Frank watched. Frank’s hand started to move faster as he stared at Greg’s erection.

“Move your hand aside.” Greg said and a nervous expression passed across Frank’s face.

“You totally lied to me.” Frank said, and spread his legs wide, moving aside his hands to reveal his glistening pussy.

“I did not.” Greg said honestly and climbed onto the couch, towards the trembling girl who stared at his erect cock and did not recoil.

Now Frank didn’t necessarily want to be touched, like Greg had. But Frank’s body was about ten times hornier and more sensitive than his old one. Plus, Frank’s sexual preference, which could also be changed, was defaulted to hetero. Greg made sure not to touch that one. That would be changing Greg’s mind after all.

Needless to say, their weekends got a lot more interesting after that.


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