Corporate Takeover

Mark couldn’t wait any longer. The second he saw Erin take a sip of her coffee, he ran out of her office and into the bathroom.

He bolted the door and stood in front of the mirror, waiting. Thirty seconds later a smile spread across his lips as he saw his hair begin to push past his ears. He began to lose height. The potion was working. He was going to be Erin, his gorgeous nightmare of a boss. He leaned in as his eyes began to turn a deep shade of brown. All of those hours of being berated and abused, for this. The justice was sweet.

He ran his tongue across his teeth as they shifted in his head, flawless and white. His eyes darted down to his chest as his shirt began to become snug. He was growing breasts. Erin’s perfect, perfect breasts. She had flaunted this body, using her devastating good looks to mask her incompetence. Mark had always been there to cover for her. No longer. They were getting bigger. God, they looked huge from this angle. He brought his hands to his chest, hands that had changed without him noticing, and ran his elegant fingers along the curves of his new body. He was almost done and he could wait no longer. He looked into the mirror and tore his shirt open, buttons pinging against the floor. His smile widened.

‘Who’s the boss now, bitch?’


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