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Derek tenderly stroked the pendant as it hang between his breasts. This was a pricey but exhilarating hobby he had developed. Ever since he had found the Medallion of Zulo, he had spent entire weekends as beautiful women whose clothes he managed to steal. But finding new ones was difficult. Once he found a certain auction website however, where underwear of the famous was sold, his addiction began to get out of hand. He had paid handsomely — more than he could rightfully afford — for the bra of Megan Fox. And he was frankly amazed that this one had turned out to truly be hers. The last two he bought had given him breasts but left the rest of his body unchanged: a sure sign the clothes were unworn. Read more


Andy walked with an absolute confidence he had never felt before, swinging his new ass in a way that he knew would cause heads to turn. As he felt the air tickle his deep cleavage he smirked to himself, pondering whether he would take a guy or a girl home with him tonight. The FOSE had been good to Andy, a retired software developer with few friends and no sex life. He found himself in the body of the quiet but sexy girl who worked at the grocery store near his house. It wasn’t long before Andy had made some drastic changes to her image. Quiet virgin Stephanie was gone, and in her place was slutty bisexual Andi, a young stripper with a voracious appetite for the gym and sexual adventures.

What happens in Vegas…

‘No fuuucccking way! Your tits are way better than mine!’, Paul groaned.
‘Haha they’re pretty good aren’t they? I took ages trying to get em right on the machine,’ Sam laughed, hefting one of them with his other hand. ‘Can I feel yours, Noah?’
‘Hey! It’s Hailey now! No male names this weekend, alright? This is a bachelorette party now, not a bachelor party!’
Randy didn’t know who grope next. ‘Duude, I can’t believe I was so against this idea before. Look how fucking sexy we are!’
Noah grinned. ‘You think boobs are good? Wait til you see what your snatch feels like!’

Best time of day

Colin lay spread out on the bed, watching the morning sunlight make patterns across his wall. Ever since the wish, this had become his favorite moment of the day. He rolled to his side and nuzzled his face into the silky golden hair that lay out on the pillow beside him. Its smell aroused him. Alexis’s smell. His smell. He felt his nipples prick up and brought his hands up to play with them, giggling as he did so. The wish had not gone the way he had planned, but nothing he could have imagined could stack up to this. He had wanted to be close to Alexis, to understand her, so that he could win her heart himself. Well, he certainly had it now, along with the rest of her cardiovascular system. He squeezed at his boobs and kneaded his nipples, something that at four months in was losing none of its appeal. What would he wear today? Judging from the sunlight it was going to be hot again. His denim cut-offs maybe? And a tight vest. He sat up, pulling the blanket up to cover his chest and looked out the window. The weather looked perfect. Absolutely perfect.


The red text moved across the display panel of the machine, telling Tom and Hugo in a language they didn’t understand what they had already learned for themselves: there is no turning back. This is life now. Read more


Maybe if he kept staring at the mirror, something would happen. Something would fix all of this. He would wake up, or Amber would walk through the door and he would be back in his body and they could run off together like he always promised they would. Read more

Careful planning

Miguel is meticulously careful. When he discovered his shapeshifting abilities, it was a full month before he left the house in his new form. He spent that time creating an identity for his new life. His name would be Michelle Vásquez and he would be an aspiring model of Puerto Rican and Ukrainian descent. He created a back story, forged documents and began to take out phone contracts and library cards in her name. Read more

From good to better

I stifled a groan as the familiar sensation of the Role Exchanger began to change my body again. When I swapped ages with my sister, it wasn’t so bad. Being 16 instead of 20 just meant I could have another go at high school. But swapping genders with my neighbor was a whole new experience. I was suddenly a cute little teenage girl, a totally different person. My face was pretty, with a strong resemblance to young pictures of my beautiful grandmother. My boy’s haircut made me look a little like Audrey Hepburn I thought. My little breasts were a little disappointing, a full cup size smaller than my sister’s (who as a 20 year-old was now delighted to be a C-cup). Even so, it was a life I could get used to. Read more