Stuck in the Doll House

My roommate is insane. He comes in one day while me and two buddies are hanging out with a doll house and a weird looking book under his arm and declares he is a living god. We laughed it off as he set down the doll house, but then he opened the book and started chanting something! Me and my buddies screamed as he turned into busty Asian chicks, but none of us could move.
My roommate said he had a special fantasy he wanted to live out and flipped through the book until he found something and then started chanting again. Our squeals got higher and higher pitch as we all shrunk down into the couch until we were just a few inches tall! He scooped us all up and tossed us into the doll house. He turned more pages in the book and chanted again, and suddenly we were all moaning and touching ourselves. It felt really good, but I couldn’t help but see that my roommate had taken out his dick and was beating off to us! He came all over us and we all still couldn’t move except to touch ourselves. We were trapped, feeling a mixture of revulsion and arousal, his magic making us horny despite the mess. We were stuck as his play things in the doll house.


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