Coming out (Prize. Part 3)

It was sunday, meaning i can spend the whole day in my bodysuit. As i woke up i stretched out enjoying the touch of the sheets on my smooth skin. I got up and went to make myself some coffee. I took a sip, basking in the morning sun. With the mug in my hand i turned on my computer and checked the mail. Among some spam and mails from work i found one from Bodysuits inc. I couldn’t belive. They offered me a full identity change, i could now live like this. Of course i wanted it. I already feel like… No i’m already a woman. I hate it when i have to take off the suit. It feels like i’m becoming someone else and i can’t think of anything but to put it back. I don’t want to live as a man anymore but i don’t know what others will tell. My family and friends? Would they accept me? Can i manage my job if i suddenly went there as a woman?

You know what? Screw it. If somebody has a problem with it they can go to hell. As for my job i can always find a new one.
With my mind made up i applied for a new identity. From today i will live as Stacy and it feels great to know i dont have to take off the suit anymore. I took my phone and texted my friend, Mike. I know him since kindergarten and he will be the first one to meet the new me.
Then i went to my wardrobe and chose a yellow dress and a pair of high heeled sandals. With a big smile on my face i went out to see my friend.

Now i’m waiting for him. I wonder what he will say seeing me like this. I just can’t wait to see the look on his face when i tell him it’s really me.


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