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Living as a woman (Prize. Part 4)

A lot of things happened since i decided to become a woman full time. When i showed my newself to Mike he didn’t belive me no matter how hard i tried to convince him. I had to bring him to my place and show him how i take off the suit. Mike was really surprised about my decsision but he accepted it. He was very eager to know the new me better and asked me out. We were going out more often, at first as friends but soon there was something going on between us and soon i became his girlfriend. Read more

Coming out (Prize. Part 3)

It was sunday, meaning i can spend the whole day in my bodysuit. As i woke up i stretched out enjoying the touch of the sheets on my smooth skin. I got up and went to make myself some coffee. I took a sip, basking in the morning sun. With the mug in my hand i turned on my computer and checked the mail. Among some spam and mails from work i found one from Bodysuits inc. I couldn’t belive. They offered me a full identity change, i could now live like this. Of course i wanted it. I already feel like… No i’m already a woman. I hate it when i have to take off the suit. It feels like i’m becoming someone else and i can’t think of anything but to put it back. I don’t want to live as a man anymore but i don’t know what others will tell. My family and friends? Would they accept me? Can i manage my job if i suddenly went there as a woman? Read more

Double life (Prize. part 2)

Since the day i tried on the bodysuit for the first time i started to wear it everyday. You can say i started to live a double life. At work i was my normal boring self but as soon as i get home i put on the suit and continue my day as a woman until it’s time to go to sleep. I don’t like when i need to take it off but i can’t go to work like this. I don’t know why but it just feels much better when i’m a woman. I started to buy all sorts of feminine clothing and lingerie. I like to look pretty. Read more

It couldn’t be better (Prize. Part 5. End)

“Buy a suit and change your life forever” Those are the words on the bodysuit inc logo. They couldn’t say it better. Since i got the body suit five years ago my life became great. If i didn’t decide to try it and i just throwed it into the closed where it would lay forgotten i would probably lead the life of a loser, doing the same thing every day and going to a job i hated. But now everything is wonderful. Read more