Head Phones

Bob was excited for the new set of head phones that had just arrived in the mail.
The one problem was that he did not know who sent them. when he pulled them out of the box, a note fell out with them.

“If this was sent to the wrong address, don’t use them. If you do, you will be punished.”

“Ha ha” laughed Bob. putting them on, he pressed the play button. “YOU WHERE WARNED!!!!” Screamed a voice though the headphones. Next thing he new, he was dancing, and striping, to a Taylor Swift song. Each piece of clothes removed changed part of him into a girl, until only his boxers, now panties, were left. Giggling, she went to her computer, and bought any bikini, bra, or panties that she could find.

Today, Bob, now Brooke, works for a strip club, and listens to Taylor Swift every day.


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