Finally getting a good licking.

That’s it my gorgeous get your tongue in deep said Tom sitting in his chair with his legs spread open enjoying his secretary going down on him but in a different way than usual.

He enjoyed the way her tongue made him feel he enjoyed the way she helped him forget about losing his dick in the great shift.

He could not believe how much pleasure he was feeling with somebody just licking and teasing his clitoris Tom was just grateful that his secretary was unaffected by the great shift and was a bisexual and wanted to carry on their affair.

If it was not for his secretary giving him these moments of joy and pleasure he was sure he would have gone mad as his wife now a man could barely keep it up for a couple of seconds and was useless at oral sex.

He thought his wife being an ex woman she would know how to please one but his wife was just useless in the sack now.

So he now ever increasingly relied on his secretaries skills and was even thinking of leaving his wife for her something he would never have done before the great shift as she was the one with all the money in there relationship but now he’s found something more important than money to live for.


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