Matthew was quite enjoying his new life.

Matthew was really doing his best at pretending to be his secretary ever since she stole his body and his life just because she thought it was unfair that her gender held her back & that she could do a better job than half the men in the company.

Matthew quite enjoyed being his secretary it was a lot less stressful than being the head of research and in charge of 150 people he did not mind the cut in pay or the fact that he was a woman with all the things that came with that gender.

He quite enjoyed being small feminine and delicate he founded intoxicating the power he had over people and could practically get a man to do anything with a nice smile.

He did not mind having men hitting on him all the time or the fact that most of them made him wet between his legs and weak at the knees.

He was a heterosexual woman and it was only natural for his new body to feel that way.

He did not even mind the fact that he found his old body highly attractive and he did not even mind when his best friend who knew nothing about his swap started hitting on him which led to them making out in the storage cupboard practically everyday.


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