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After Work

Back when I was a man, nothing was better than getting home from a hard day of work, taking off your shoes, your belt, and melting into the couch. Now that I’m forced by my mom to live her life, which means having to work in her office, there are different things I look forward to. Read more

All Your Fault

“Wow, you’re looking chipper.” Margaret said to her son Tyler, currently occupying her body while she was in his, the result of a spell she cast on the two of them. “And scantily clad… And sweaty. What’s going on?” Read more

Two and a Half Months part 2

Dear “Mom and Dad”,
My sister and I (I love saying that) are so far having the time of our lives. We know it’s only three days in, but we can already tell this is going to be a great summer. How are you two? Enjoy having the house to yourself, just ~man and wife~? Dad, don’t forget to clean out the garage, and Mom remember to tend to the garden! If you guys start to act differently, don’t worry! That’s part of the plan 🙂 Read more

Me, my mother and I

A month passed from unexpected exchange of bodies with Mom. So far we do not know how it happened. In the early days I could not completely cope as a single 40 year old mother. Though after a while I began to cope with, and even very liked women’s clothes. Interestingly after 2 weeks, I started to feel sexual needs. I never thought about my mother, as a sexual object. But now as I was her, I began to feel attracted to men. At the beginning I felt very awkward. “This is gay. I can’t think about dicks”I thought, but hormones won. I started masturbating, but after several days it was not enough. Then I remembered about my football coach. Always he looked excited for my mom. I went to training with my mother as a parent. I reciprocate his flirtatious glances. When my mother went to the locker room, I approached him and invited for tomorrow night, when mom had to go to my friends play on the console. Read more

A Mother’s Work 3

Jason knew there was no avoiding this. He had known from the beginning when his mom, after forcibly switching their bodies using that damned coin, emphasized the fact that he, Jason, now had a husband. And there was almost no denying it now, at least in the literal sense. How could he deny it when looking down he saw his two slender hands, adorned with long nails and a wedding band, unbuttoning zipping the fly down of a man, who until today he’d known as his, father. Jason knew the truth and his mother did too, but to the rest of the world he was Helen, 49 year old mother of two and wife to John, and it was their anniversary. Read more

Broken Machine 4

Now that I had indulged my mother by putting on underwear, I slipped the loose shorts and tshirt back and the two of us headed back down to the dinner table. Immediately I could see and feel the difference the bra made. The jiggling that had annoyed me for the past day and a half was hugely reduced, and it also raised my bust making them look perkier and firmer. You could definitely tell that I’d put one on, evidenced by how my father and siblings stared at me when I reentered the room. The room was quiet as I sat back down and picked up my fork.
“Nice bra, bro.” My brother joked. I rolled my eyes and tried to ignore him.
“How about we stop discussing your brother’s chest, hmm?” My mother spoke up, “Or are you so fascinated by it you’d like to take a turn in it after your father fixes the machine?”
“And risk getting stuck like David? No thanks.” My brother said, taking a sip from his drink.
“Then keep your mouth shut.” She said from my body. Though I was embarrased to have to be defended, I was grateful that my mom put an end to it for now. I didn’t say much for the rest of dinner, and even though the conversation was directed away from me, I was still hyper consious of the bra. I wasn’t able to ignore how it constricted me or how the straps dug into my shoulders. A few times when my siblings weren’t looking I tried to adjust it through my shirt. At one point my brother caught me pulling at my shoulder strap and flashed a knowing smile at me.
After dinner I went straight to the guest room to get away from my annoying siblings. At this point I was counting the moments until my father fixed the machine and I could go back to my body. This whole experience was becoming the worst few days of my life. As soon as I got to the guest room I locked the dor and took my bra off. The initial feeling of release was wonderful, like kicking your shoes off at the end of the day. I’d only had the thing on for less than an hour but as long as I was alone I’d rather deal with the jiggling than the constriction.
The rest of the evening I spent in the guest room, only leaving to use the bathroom, something that I still despised in this body. Luckily, I didn’t see my siblings again for the rest of the evening. Read more

Controlled by Mom

“Alright honey, turn around, let’s see the back.” My mom said from my body. Through the magic of whatever it was giving her all this power, I was compelled to do whatever she said. So I turned around and showed her my backside. Read more

A Mother’s Work 2

Jason spent the afternoon and evening completing all of his mothers, now his, chores. He vacuumed, did laundry and made dinner for Helen, his mother posing as him, and Jane, his sister now daughter. When Helen was around, Jason did his best to act like her. He grimaced on the inside when he called his sister “sweety”, and especially when she called him, “mom”. He knew that his mom was watching him closely, looking for any slip up. After having used the bathroom to pee once and finding it horribly awkward and gross, he knew he couldn’t risk being stuck as his own mother forever. So he did as his mother wanted and pranced around the house pretending to be her, much to his embarrassment and her amusement. Read more

Broken Machine 3

While my father showered I got dressed quickly so I could be out of the room and back in the guest room before he was gone. I found a pair of gym shorts that rose high up my thigh but were quite loose enough for my liking. I slipped on one of my dad’s t-shirts, once again going braless, and made my way back to the only place I could avoid people, the guest room. Read more