Boobie Trapped

Bobby Chess didn’t scare easy. The hardened criminal was shaking…

He was known as the greatest thief in the world until he stole a magical fertility idol. By the time the thief realized the he should have believed the myths about the idol’s power before touching it, it was already too late. The idol left in her with a form that made if very difficult to evade capture. It also made it difficult to process the apprehended thief into the prison system. Despite the fact that “Bobbie” was now very much female, the courts decided to sentence her as the notorious male thief for fear that the woman formerly known as “Bobby Chess” could get off on a technicality. This meant that Bobbie would be sent to a male prison. The quivering Bobbie’s massive breasts jiggled as she walked past the hooting and hollering horny male inmates. Her lawyer had filed an appeal hoping to get Bobbie transferred to a women’s prison, but they both knew it would take time. In the meantime, “Boobie Chest” as the inmates liked to call her, would just have to act tough and hope that she would get transferred before she ended up pregnant.


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