Contaminated Lake (Part 1 of 5)

Lake Jacobson used to be like any other small town mountain lake, that is until one day in the Spring when there was an accident and a tanker full of the drug chemical Fem-X spilled into the lake, contaminating it’s waters. Fortunately the lake was deep in the mountains so people rarely swam in it, that is until summer when a group of four teenagers, Kyle, John, Chris, Helen and Nick went there for a day trip.

They weren’t aware of what would happen when they stepped foot in that lake. The first one to notice the problem was Kyle. They had been swimming for about an hour when it took full effect. His whole body shivered as he began to become a woman, his hair grew long, his chest got tender and budded into breasts and his body got curvy.

He took his shirt off and looked at his body before his friends looked at the now girl, before any of them could react John started to change.


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