Blessing or a curse?

John desperately searched the old text for a counter-spell, something that would reverse what he had done to his body. He didn’t bother to wear clothes as he read through the old book. He would have grown or shrunk out of them. Or simply stripped them off as he was approached by his next hungry sex partner. It was pointless, and all the fault of that damn love spell he had cast on himself.

At first the spell had worked great. He became the ideal fantasy lover of his girlfriend: a buff hunk with a chiseled muscle-bound body and a huge dick. But after a marathon of amazing sex, his girlfriend left for class. And then his neighbor walked by his apartment and everything changed.

John immediately began to morph into a busty redhead with long legs and an insatiable sexual appetite. He ran out of the apartment and ravished the surprised neighbor standing in the hallway. After a few hours his new lover also had to leave. Now alone, John was able to examine his new body with confusion for just a few minutes before it began to morph again, this time becoming a petite brunette. Again he found a new happy partner walking just outside his door.

It didn’t take him long to figure out that he became the fantasy of whatever person was nearest to him, man or woman. He must have made a mistake when he cast the spell. He slowly made his way back to the university library where he first found the strange spellbook, morphing and fucking all the way there.

In the library, his latest lover had been an older professor who had a thing for young blonde students with tan skin and large breasts. After he left, John quickly grabbed the book and began to leaf through it. John flipped through the book rapidly, knowing his time was short. He could feel his body tingling, as it began its next transformation so he could please his latest admirer.


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