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Lost on the mountain

“Will you stop staring at my ass and help me look?” said Brandon with mild annoyance as he glanced over his shoulder at his friend Rick. Read more

That strange yet familiar feeling

Brandon jumped up out of bed. Something was wrong. His room looked ….. different. He turned around and peered out the blinds of the window behind his bed to confirm his location. Yes, he was in the same house. The lawn looked the same and his neighbors’ houses were still surrounding him. But his room had changed. It looked more …. feminine. Read more

The right shot

Shit, shit, shit, thought Brandon as he continued to cycle through the images on the card of the digital camera. It has to be on here. Read more

Dinner date

“What?” said Brandy with annoyance. She didn’t like the strange way Mark was looking at her. Read more

If you can’t beat them……

“Um, like hello?” said Brandy as she answered the phone with annoyance. She didn’t recognize the number and she didn’t like talking to strangers. Well, unless they were really cute guys. Read more

One way trip

Brandon opened the small fridge, leaned down and looked inside. Being a woman had been fun, but he was ready to change back. Read more