Black circle

I can’t believe this.
How did they even do it? I only uploaded a picture of my crush on some random website claiming that you could get everything you wanted, and now, this.
An exact replica of her. Some sort of life-sized doll.

I took it out of the box and placed it on my sofa. It seemed so strange. There she was, naked, in my flat. Like asleep.
I touched the doll. It felt like real skin. Caressed the hair, the breasts, the legs… I could swear it was getting goosebumps. This was creeping me out.

At that moment I realised something weird. On her neck, hidden by her hair, was a small circle drawn. I placed my finger on it, and from there, a black line went all the way down her back. Like someone was drawing it.
When it stopped, it looked like I could separate the doll in two. It had become some sort of suit. I looked inside, it was completely empty, making it easier to move.

I thought… What would happen if I stepped in?
No. This would look strange. How would I even fit in anyway? I was too big.
Except… This thing seemed to be quite complex. Some sort of advanced technology. Couldn’t it be possible… I have to try.

I placed my legs inside. It felt strange. The inside of the suit was warm. Like… it was trying to melt my skin with its own. I tried to remove the legs, but I was stuck! I could only see the leg of the suit move as my own. I could see my feminine painted toes wiggle around as I was trying to unstuck them. I started to panic, and as I wiggled, I managed to put more of my body in the suit. Now my waist was in.

I breathed deeply and tried to calm down. I looked down and saw “my” legs. So smooth. Hairless. Feminine… I noticed that I couldn’t feel my penis anymore. I approached my male hands and touched my new parts. An electric shock went up and stopped at the limit between the suit and my skin.
I had to wear it completely. Not only to feel this body as if it was my own, but also to take it off. There was no way out no. I had to finish what I started. This was my only option.

I placed my arms in hers. Moved my fingers around, noticing how slender they were now. In a swift motion, I placed my torso inside the suit. I could feel two weights now. I couldn’t help but to touch them. This time again, the electric shock stopped around my collarbone.
Resolved, I placed my head into the suit, and everything went black.

As I opened my eyes, I was sitting where I laid the doll before. I could feel everything. I moved my arms, and caressed my hair, my breasts, my legs…
I stood up, and walked around. I paid attention to every of my step. Trying not to lose my balance, watching my feminine feet as they move around gracefully.

I caught my reflection in the mirror. Beautiful.
I moved closer to look at my face. I moved my fingers delicately around it. I smiled. I was in love with this girl and now I couldn’t be happier.

As I turned around, I tried to see if the black circle was still there.
And it was. Intact. No black line on my back though. I owned this body. It was completely mine.

I pressed the circle again, to see if I could get out of the suit, but then I felt a strong burn on my back. I shouted. I felt like I was being emptied!
The last thing I saw was the delivery man getting in and smiling wickedly as I disappeared.


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