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Black circle

I can’t believe this.
How did they even do it? I only uploaded a picture of my crush on some random website claiming that you could get everything you wanted, and now, this.
An exact replica of her. Some sort of life-sized doll. Read more

When Relationships get Kinky

It was Friday and we were going to have the next week off due to spring break. Today during school was a drag because I couldn’t wait for school to end, but everyone knows “when you track time, it goes slower.” Anyway, after school ended I drove home and got a text from Julie “Hey babe, excited for spring break?” and I replied “Oh yea, but you know how I can’t go anywhere.” Read more

The First Caption Writing Experience

I was just like you, trying to get through the day, getting through reality until you suddenly get excited when it’s that time of night when it’s just you and your imagination go wild. When I mention getting excited and letting your imagination go wild, I mean, getting horny and imagination that you where the opposite sex. It’s not a secret, we all love doing that I do too. I used to almost every night read TG captions to bed or anything else TG related, I bet you guys do the same. Read more