Lessons about family

Laura and her husband Kyle thought their son Mike is taking his relationship with his girlfriend to seriously. He was 15 years old, what could he know about love, yet he often talked about their future. He already was sure they will get married and start a family. It was probably just a temporary attraction but Mike said otherwise. To give them a lesson Laura and Kyle decided to use a body swap spell to show them that being a family is a serious matter. Unfortunately they messed something with the spell and it was Mike who became his mother, while his girlfriend Madison became his father. Laura and Kyle decided that this could be even better and didn’t change them back.

What was supposed to be a tough lesson ended up being a blessing. Mike and Madison loved their new lives. It improved their relationship and created even a stronger bond between them. Madison loved to be the head of the family. Working hard to provide them food and shelter and then coming back home where his beloved wife waited for him with a meal prepared specially for him. Mike also found this life better. He liked being a housewife, despite all the cleaning she had to do. She enjoyed her femininity and the fact she was a beautiful woman with a husband who always made her feel special. Especially the evenings when they just cuddled on the couch watching tv. She loved the feeling of a man’s arm warped around her shoulder.

They knew it won’t last forever and soon they will have to go back to their bodies. Luckily there was a way to make this permament. It was a serious decision but they already knew what they want. Today was finally the time to seal their fate in those bodies. At the evening Mike came up to his girlfriend who looked him in the eyes. “Are you ready?” She asked. “More than ever” He said and undid the dress. He came closer, slowly as Madison started to take off her pants. Their lips meet in a passionate kiss and they had sex for the first time.
“Do you think it worked” Madison, now Kyle placed his hand on his wife’s belly. “We’ll see in a few weeks” The new Laura smiled. Getting pregnant was the only way to keep their bodies. Maybe it was reckless but Laura looked forward to expirience it.


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