Special abilities

I live in a world where superpowers are real. I know, because I have a special ability, I can shapeshift. I can alter my body to look like anyone I want. My power got me a job at a special government agency. I turn myself into different people to track and arrest either evil or insane people.

I was born a man, and I see myself as such. But sometimes I have had to turn myself into a woman. I’ve never had to experience sex from a woman’s side. I don’t want to, I am a straight male. I have been assigned a new target, apparently he has a “special ability” too, we don’t know what it is, but anyone who has gotten close to him has just disappeared. I turned myself into a woman, and went looking for him. It took me months, but when I finally found where my target lived I went looking for him. I pretended to be a news reporter. He allowed me to interview him.

At his home, I saw he had about 10 bodyguards. Some of them seemed familiar. The interview went alright. He didn’t reveal much. Plus, I couldn’t arrest him with 10 guards in the same room. As I was leaving I asked him “Do you believe in superpowers?”. “Yes ma’am, I actually have one” he answered. “Really? why don’t you show me?”. He just smiled “Well, for instance, I know you are not really a woman”. I was surprised, but I pretended to not know what he was talking about. “Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you don’t like being a woman. Actually, you love being a woman”. I could feel my mind being altered. I was so happy I had transformed myself into one.

“You like my presence. You know you want to serve me. You want to be an asset of my organization. And not only that, you want to be my lover”. I couldn’t believe it, he was right. I was so hot, even though we were outside his home, I took off my clothes, and I showed him my wet pussy. I couldn’t wait for him to have sex with me.

Years later, there was nothing stopping us. I were transforming into different women in power, always helping my boss. Pleasing him everyway I could. And with his mind bending abilities, he was getting all the world to worship us.


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