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Darkest fantasy

“I wish to find know what my girlfriend, Emily, darkest fantasy is” Tom wished while holding the magic coin. He thought he would magically learn what it was, so he could surprise her. But instead, everything around him started changing. He found himself in a dinning room. He could see his girlfriend topless infront of him. “Alright” he said, and his girlfriend said the same thing. He hadn’t realized just yet he was looking in a mirror. “Wait did you lose weight?” he asked, but when he saw Emily’s lips move too, he finally realized he was Emily. Read more

Black circle

I can’t believe this.
How did they even do it? I only uploaded a picture of my crush on some random website claiming that you could get everything you wanted, and now, this.
An exact replica of her. Some sort of life-sized doll. Read more

Party night

Brad was excited to have his first party night as a female. Two hours ago he possessed the beautiful Sarah here who wouldn’t even think about going out that night because she had to wake up early and well rested for her final exams on the next day. Brad of course had other things in mind and didn’t care about the consequences she had to suffer.
As soon as he got control over her luscious little body he checked out his two new best friends with his now delicate hands. She even got herself pretty with a nice manicure and styled blonde hair, which turned him on even more. After he stopped groping her breasts and ass, he checked her drawer for something sexy to wear. He ended up with a pink thong and an absolutely stunning blue dress. He thought those magnificent boobs wouldn’t need a bra and gave them another squeeze as he finished to dress his borrowed body. He checked himself once more in her mirror to make sure her hair were still in perfect condition and her big boobs were proudly presented for anyone to see.
All he could think about now was how many guys he could seduce in that body and how many of them he would have sex with.
Much later that night, after he was done with her body, he depossessed her in her own bed and left her completely confused why she was lying there in her best dress without any bra or panties and why her pussy and ass felt so sore.