Best Friends Forever

April and I had known each other since middle school. People has mocked us for being a boy and girl who were just friends. It was annoying, but even as we had gone off to college together, our friendship just was not ever meant to be romantic.

One weekend our freshman year while spending time at her dorm, she said to me “Shawn, you are practically a girl friend to me, sometimes I really just wish you were a girl so we could talk more about boys and fashion.”

This hit a nerve for me, because she did not realize I was hiding a secret deep down. “April, I’m Transgender” I nervously said. She wasted no time in pulling me in for a hug, and told me “I’ll always be your friend, no matter what”. We got on the computer that evening and started researching my transition options. Her family had given her a large spending allowance while off at college, and she offered to help me afford the costs of the things I would need. I told her that was not fair to her, but she insisted that she had to help her best girl friend. We ordered me hormones online. When I told my family though, things did not go well. But her family embraced me.

By the start of our next year, the hormones had begun to make some major changes. My dark brown hair was starting to get decently long. Even while wearing boys clothes out with April, most people would call us “ladies”. She once again insisted that she be allowed to spoil me- she wanted to help with my new wardrobe. “We also need a more feminine name for you….”. “I’ve always loved the name Bella ever since reading Twilight”. “Well Bella, I think that is a beautiful name choice”

Our sophomore year we got an apartment together, and we were both amazed at how much my body was changing. She helped teach me makeup, hair, and fashion. By the start of the winter semester, we decided I had to transition at school, since everyone had a hard time thinking I was a normal guy. My transition went amazing, with April at my side as my best friend the entire way.

In the summer before Junior year, her family approached me and offered to help cover the cost of any surgeries. “You are practically my biological daughter” her mom had told me. So with time off school, I made a few changes to my body- and was able to feel whole as a woman.

At the end of junior year, we both found some sweet guys that we started dating. They understood that we were practically inseparable, so we had a lot of double dates.

Senior year, they proposed to us. We decided to have weddings separated by one week the next summer.

This picture of us was taken a few days ago at the wedding shower her family hosted for both of us. In some time away from everyone, I thanked her profusely for all the help she had been over the years. I still could not believe the beautiful woman I had blossomed in to. I can hardly believe that in a few weeks I will walk down the aisle as a bride, with my best friend up there as my bridesmaid. April has already said that she expects a full report of the honeymoon. I can’t wait to hbe a part of her special day as well.

We truly are Best Friends Forever


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