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Breast Friends

“Holy shit dude!” my best friend mumbled as he shoved his new feminine face into my massive breasts. “Why do I have to be flat-chested while you get…these!” Read more

Genie Series #62. @ghostmean08

Jane and Hailey have been friends for such a short time, but it is like they have been friends since childhood. They understand each other perfectly. They like the same drinks, the same kind of guys, they even have the same hobbies. Not too long ago, Hailey was a guy. And he was fighting, once again, with his girlfriend Jane. That would be their last fight, since he had already made a wish. Read more

I can’t help it…

He was my best friend and needed a date for his sister’s wedding. His mom threatened to cut off his inheritance is he didn’t settle down. So, while I wasn’t happy about it, I took the pink pill he gave me and I was now his “girlfriend” for the wedding. It was fun and we danced and he treated me like his girlfriend, and I couldn’t help it, for some reason I let him.
When we got back to our room after the wedding, he couldn’t thank me enough for helping him. He hugged me and I hugged him back, then I kissed him, and he kissed me back…soon we were making out, and we started removing our clothes and it was incredible! He started licking me and I was dripping wet! I couldn’t believe the feeling of need and want he was creating in me. I started stroking him and he was rock hard! He stopped, saying “If I cum into you, the change will be permanent”, I grabbed him, stroked him, and asked him if he would make me a honest woman, and he said “of course”, and I guided him into my waiting pussy and into his new fiancee

Best Friends Forever

April and I had known each other since middle school. People has mocked us for being a boy and girl who were just friends. It was annoying, but even as we had gone off to college together, our friendship just was not ever meant to be romantic. Read more